Understanding how the mind works is beyond fascinating. It’s also excellent preparation for graduate programs in cognitive science, computer science, neuroscience, philosophy and psychology. Drawing on research methods from philosophy, psychology and computer science, this minor studies the what, why and how of our cognitive processes, capacities and structures. 

What you can expect as a cognitive science minor:

  • Work with a faculty advisor to customize your program of study.
  • Explore diverse, interesting topics such as cognitive psychology, limits of artificial intelligence, the philosophy of mind, the nature of visual perception and the role of emotion in moral decision-making.
  • Use a wide range of methods to learn including empirical studies, experimental work, neuroscientific studies, computational and robotic research and philosophical work. 

In additional to graduate study, this program is also a great foundation for careers in advertising and marketing, artificial intelligence, computer programming, education, government, intelligence, law, medicine, robotics and software  design.