Employees (faculty, administrators, staff and student employees) who work an average of twenty or more hours per week will be provided with one unpaid leave period of up to three hours during their regular work schedule in each calendar year for the purpose of donating blood off campus.   (Employees eligible for paid time-off benefits may elect, but are not required, to use available accumulated paid leave time in accordance with the College’s time-off policies.)  Such leave time will not accrue if it is not used during the calendar year.  Employees are required to request leave time for this purpose from their supervisor in advance.  Except in the case of an emergency requiring that an employee donate blood for his or her own surgery or that of a family member,   employees are required to request leave time at least three working days prior to the day leave will be taken.   The College reserves the right to require that employees who take leave for this purpose provide their supervisor with proof of blood donation in the form of a notice of blood donation or a good faith effort at blood donation from the blood bank, or some other proof sufficient to the purpose.

Retaliation against an employee for requesting or obtaining a leave of absence for this purpose is prohibited.

November, 2012