Madeline Campbell



Madeline Campbell '13



Madeline Campbell '13
Major(s): Spanish Education and French
Current Position: English Teacher (Conversation Auxiliary)
Location: San Javier, Murcia, Spain

After studying abroad in Spain, I knew I wanted to go back! Currently I am teaching English at two elementary schools in Spain. Through the Ministry of Education’s (Spanish Government) program,  I am practicing what I learned in the classroom everyday. Whether it is implementing the use of subjunctive in everyday conversations or watching an Almodóvar movie in my piso while eating arroz con leche, my Siena education helps me to draw connections in a variety of contexts.

My job consists of collaborating with Spanish faculty and deliver lessons that incorporate various US cultural and language topics into the Spanish classroom. Before continuing with my graduate studies in the USA, this program offers me a great opportunity to use and improve my the language skills and to experience Spanish culture.

It was an honor to be a part of such an enriching major and I look forward to representing Siena College in the future!