Cadets of the Month



Alpha Co  
Cadet Colleen Oulihan is Alpha Company’s Cadet of the Month for March 2014. Cadet Oulihan, born July 22, 1995 hails from West Chester, Pennsylvania. Cadet Oulihan is consistently one of the most motivated Cadets in Alpha Company and serves as an exemplary role model to her peers. She arrives at every workout session and training event ready to work. An avid snowboarder, soccer player, basketball player, and best buddies volunteer, Cadet Oulihan studies accounting at Siena College and hopes to receive a commission to either the military intelligence or finance branch upon graduation. Cadet Oulihan’s work ethic, volunteerism, and warrior spirit reflect great credit upon her, Alpha Company, Siena College, and the Mohawk Battalion.    

Bravo Co
CDT Caleb Dieterle has been awarded CDT of the month for March due to his extreme motivation and constant effort in trying to better himself as a soldier as well as a leader. CDT Dieterle is a rolemodel not only for Bravo Company, but the Mohawk Battalion. CDT Dieterle has been an active member of Ranger Company since his freshmen year. He continuously exemplifies the Army values and maintains a high standard of excellence throughout all training events including Patrol Base/Battle Drills and STX I. CDT Dieterle maintains a grade point average of 3.18 and recently received a 261 on the APFT. CDT Dieterle is constantly motivated at PT and readily strives for improvement in physical fitness. CDT Dieterle is an inspiration to the entire company with his fantastic safety tips. CDT Dieterle is a true asset to Bravo Company, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and the Mohawk Battalion.

Charlie Co  
CDT Nick Maio is Charlie Company’s cadet of the month for March 2014. CDT Maio was born in 1995 and raised in Albany, NY. CDT Maio is an MS1, Criminal Justice major at SUNY Albany. He enjoys boxing, soccer, and working out. CDT Maio joined because he always wanted to be in the military but going to school was a better option for him, so ROTC gave him both of those options. Since joining,  CDT Maio’s dedication to the program has shown. He was on the Ranger Challenge team and is currently a CRC in Ranger Company. CDT Maio maintains a high standard of excellence and continues to meet expectations. He consistently scores exceptionally well on PT tests and excel during training events and intends to improve over time. CDT Maio is excited to further his knowledge and skills with up and coming training events. CDT Maio hopes to commission as an active duty Military Police Officer. Congratulations to Cadet Maio for receiving Cadet of the month.