Spanish Placement Test



The Modern Languages and Classics Department urges all incoming students to consider studying a foreign language as part of their Siena educational experience. Knowing another language helps students in whatever field they choose to study. In addition, Siena’s curriculum stresses an appreciation for diversity in human experience. Studying a language is an important part of that process. You may consider pursuing a double major, minor and/or studying abroad to complete your language study.


Language Course Placement

Spanish Placement Exam

If you are taking a Spanish course in the fall or are planning to take one in the future, please be sure to note this on the Academic Interest Form on the "Be A Saint" portal and we will contact you with instructions on how to to take the Spanish Placement Exam.

The test should take no more than 25 minutes. Please remember that the exam score should place you in the accurate level of Spanish, however, in some cases it will be possible for students to change levels if the need arises. We want to make sure you are placed in the right level of Spanish. If you feel that you are not placed in the correct level, please contact the director of the Spanish program, Carolyn Malloy-Madrid at for assistance.

Taking the test does not mean you are obligated to take a Spanish course, but it will give you an idea of your level and will also help us to gather data for our program.

Whether you’ve taken the AP Language or Literature Exams, college Spanish courses, or are a native or heritage speaker, you should take the placement exam.

AP Exams taken in high school: If students receive a score of 4 or 5, they are given 3 credits for a 201 equivalent.

College courses in high school: If students have credit for 201 and/or 202, they should take 301(fall) or 302(spring).

Native and heritage speakers of the language to be studied require consultation with the director of the Spanish program, Carolyn Malloy-Madrid at for appropriate placement.

CLEP Exams: Students may receive up to 6 credits in French, German or Spanish based on the exam score.