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Siena College is currently recruiting for the full-time position of Electrician. Hours are 3pm – 11pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Responsibilities: Perform the duties peculiar to and normally required in the trade of electrician, following recognized procedures for such work. The physical demands include: lifts, carries, pushes or pulls a variety of electrical materials such as cable, conduits, fixtures and equipment; climbs ladders, balances, stoops, kneels and crouches to gain access to electrical wiring, etc.; handles and reads variety of hand tools and meters. Near-vision acuity, depth perception, field of vision and color vision are required in making connections, soldering and splicing wire. This position works both indoors and outdoors.

Requirements: high school plus trade or vocational school; an electrician’s apprenticeship or equivalent on the job training, and at least three years’ experience.

Please send resume and cover letter, including salary requirements, to Office of Human Resources, Siena College, 515 Loudon Rd, Loudonville, NY 12211, or email humanresources@siena.edu.

Siena College is a Franciscan and Catholic institution and expects members of its community to be knowledgeable about its mission and to make a positive contribution to that mission.

Siena College is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V and encourages applications from all qualified candidates. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, Siena College surveys all job applicants in accordance with the U.S. Department of Labor’s affirmative action requirements. Therefore, we request that in addition to your application, you complete the Equal Employment Opportunity Data Form located at www.siena.edu/eeo. In order to complete the form, you will need the posting number for this position which is R882. Any information you choose to provide on the Equal Employment Opportunity Data Form will be treated as personal and confidential and will be kept separate from your application for employment. Your cooperation is key to maintaining an effective equal opportunity program at Siena College and is greatly appreciated.