Inclement Weather

As we begin to look ahead to the winter months, as a reminder, we are providing the following information regarding the College’s Inclement Weather Policy.
         When a decision is made that will change the operating status of the College, the information will be posted to the following locations:
  • The School Closings Network: Local television stations will post a message at the bottom of the screen. Local radio stations will also announce the information.
  • The Siena Website:  A Banner will appear on the home page and all web pages with a link to specific information.
  • Call-in Telephone Number: A message will be recorded on the following number: 518-783-4299. You may call this number for the latest information.
  • A text message may also be sent to subscribers of the Siena Alert System to notify them of the change in the operating status of the College.
         If nothing is posted to these various locations then the status of the College remains normal.

 The complete Inclement Weather Policy

         In the occasional event that the College is closed for all or a portion of the workday due to inclement weather, only those designated as essential personnel by their department head are to report to work.  Individuals who do not know whether or not they have been designated as essential personnel should consult with their department head.   If the College is open but classes are cancelled or delayed, administrators and staff are expected to report to work at their first safe opportunity.  If an employee feels that travel conditions are unsafe, then he/she must take a personal day.  Please consult the appropriate handbook for information on the College’s Inclement Weather and Personal Leave Policies.

          This is a good time for department heads to confirm with members of their staff whether or not they have been designated as essential personnel for this purpose.