All Globalization Electives

All Globalization Studies Minor Electives

BUDV-201 Global Business Environment

BUDV-420 Global Connections

ECON-350 Comparative Economics

ECON-360 Economic Development

FINC-413 International Finance

FREN-027 French Cinema

FREN-330 French Civilization

FREN-340 Civilization of Quebec

GERM-025 Twentieth Century Germanic Literature in Trans.

GERM-026 Twentieth Century German Cinema

GERM-027 German Media Literacy

GLST-300 Topics in Globalization Studies

GLST-325 Globalization Travel Course

HIST-202 The West and the World

HIST-303 America and the World I:U.S. Foreign Relations1776-1920

HIST-305 America and the World II; U.S. Foreign Relations in the 20th Century

HIST-333 The Middle East in Modern Times

HIST-353 History of East Asia II

HIST-373 Africa II: The Modern Transition

HIST-457 American Immigration in Historical Perspective

MKMG-334 International Marketing

POSC-150 World Politics

POSC-250 United Nations

POSC-254 Children in War and Work

POSC-257 Terrorism: Causes and Cures

POSC-346 Middle East Politics

POSC-355 Global Environmental Dilemmas

POSC-362 Refugee and Migration Studies

POSC-378 International Law

RELG-210 Islam

RELG-280 World Religions

RELG-357 Global Catholicisms

RELG-385 Buddhist Traditions

RELG-390 Religion and Globalization

SOCI-140 Cultural Anthropology

SOCI-160 Environment and Society

SOCI-240 Sociology of Aging

SOCI-370 Medical Sociology

SOCI-375 Comparative Health Care Systems

SOCI-380 Population Problems

SPAN-027 Women Writers from Latin America: Literature in Translation

SPAN-305 Spanish Study Travel Course

SPAN-350 Spanish Civilization

SPAN-360 Spanish American Civilization


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