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Exchange 2007

We have switched our e-mail to an Exchange 2007 server. In general, you won't notice the changes, but there are a few things you might have to adjust.

For an overview of the system (which now works like Outlook on the desktop), go to Training Demo.

If you're having trouble logging in

  • Type your username in ALL CAPS:  USERNAME
  • Add "" to your username:
  • Include "sienaservices\": sienaservices\username  (Note:  \ is the backslash key -- leaning to the left and just above ENTER)
  • Type either "SIENASERVICES" or "@SIENA.EDU" in ALL CAPS.

Microsoft Entourage

Entourage users may have to reconfigure their e-mail.  Under "Account Settings," open your Siena Account and look at the Exchange Server settings.  Make sure the server is (it should not have any other characters).  Delete anything additional (for example, "\exchange").

If you still have problems, delete the account and recreate it (you will not lose any e-mail).  The wizard will guide you through the process and will find your settings.  Just remember the domain is "sienaservices" (no quotes) and be sure to verify.  Once you've added the account, you may get a couple of warnings when you open your e-mail.  Ignore them -- they will go away.

Windows Mobile E-mail

Windows Mobile e-mail using Activesync will still work. However, you will need to do one manual sync in order to send and receive.

To do this:

  • Tap on "Start."
  • Tap on "Programs."
  • Tap on "Activesync."
  • Tap on "Sync."
  • A warning screen will display.

Exchange Activesync warning

  • Click "OK."

The system will now sync e-mail. You will not need to do this again.