Frequently Asked Questions

Application Questions

Does it matter whether a student submits the Fast Forward Application or the Common Application?

No, Siena accepts and reviews both applications equally.

How can students use the Common Application to get the same benefits as the Fast Forward Application?

A student may apply with the Common Application and have the same benefits as the Fast Forward Application by selecting the "other" fee waiver option on the Common Application website. And as long as the student applies before December 1 and selects Early Action as the application type, they will receive a decision 7-10 days after the application is complete.

When is an application considered complete?

An application is complete once Siena College has received the following:

  • Official high school transcript
  • Official SAT Reasoning Test or ACT scores
  • Essay or graded paper
  • A school counselor recommendation

What is the difference between Early Action and Early Decision?

Early Action is a non-binding application. Students have until May 1 to make their decision.

Early Decision is a binding application. Upon acceptance, students agree to attend Siena and must submit their deposit no later than March 1 for the fall term.


Can a student send more than one recommendation?

Yes, Siena welcomes recommendations to strengthen an application.  Only the school counselor recommendation is required, but students are welcome to send additional recommendations.

Do the recommendations need to be from someone who works in the high school?

No, please feel free to have recommendations sent from those people who know the student the best and can speak to his/her character.

Standardized Testing

What are Siena’s testing codes?

Siena's SAT code is 2814 and our ACT code is 2878.

Does a student have to submit standardized test scores?

Yes, Siena does require standardized test scores.  Siena accepts either the SAT or the ACT, and reviews them equally.  We focus on the critical reading and math portion.

Will Siena super score a student’s SAT scores?

Yes, Siena will super score a student’s SAT scores.  Super scoring means the best critical reading and mathematics scores are added together from multiple testing attempts.  Siena uses average critical reading and mathematics scores, but the writing scores are also seen.

Can students' SAT and ACT scores be sent in via their official transcript?

Siena accepts official test scores on the high school transcript or directly sent from the CollegeBoard or ACT.

Can application materials be faxed?

No, all application materials need to be official.  Documents are considered official if they come directly from a school official and are sent electronically or through the mail.


If a student submits a piece of writing for an English/History class does it have to be the original copy?

No, the student can submit whatever is more convenient.  The student can send the original with comments/grade or can send a copy.

Other Questions

What is the Early Action deadline?

Please see http://www2.siena.edu/pages/443.asp for a list of deadlines.

Is there a separate application for merit scholarships?

No, there is no additional application for merit scholarships.  All students who apply before January 1 will be automatically reviewed for merit awards.

Does Siena College accept AP/IB/college credit?

Siena does accept AP classes if the student receives a 4 or 5 on the AP exam.  Siena accepts high level IB courses with scores of 5, 6, or 7.  Courses taught through an accredited institution are accepted as long as the student receives a C or better in the course and it matches our curriculum.

How does a student apply for financial aid?

Siena only requires the FAFSA form.  Our code is 002816. For more information please refer to the Financial Aid website: https://www2.siena.edu/pages/466.asp

Does Siena require an interview?

While an interview is not required, it is highly recommended. Interviews and other visits demonstrate that the student is significantly interested in Siena College, which is something we like to see! Also, students who visit have  higher acceptance, retention and graduation rates.  


Have a question for Admissions? E-mail us or call 1-888-AT-SIENA.