Best Buddies Constitution

Article I- Name
Best Buddies at Siena College.
Article II- Mission
The mission of Best Buddies is to enhance the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships. This is done at the college level by matching college student volunteers in mutually enriching friendships with people who have intellectual disabilities.
Article III- Membership
Membership in the chapter is open to all registered, undergraduate students in good standing with. A student can apply to be a College Buddy (a student matched with an adult with intellectual disabilities in a one-to-one friendship for the entire academic year) or an Associate Member (an individual who is not matched but works to support chapter goals and objectives).
Students must complete an application and under the discretion of the College Buddy Director will be selected to be matched.
Article IV- Officers
Section One
1.College Buddy Director- A full-time, undergraduate student selected by Best Buddies staff, who organizes, leads, and maintains a chartered chapter of Best Buddies for the duration of one academic year.
2.Buddy Director- A person with intellectual disabilities who ensures the full participation of Buddies in one-to-one matches and group outings. This adult represents the Buddies.
3.Membership Coordinator- A full-time, undergraduate student who oversees the individual matches by providing support, conducting Friendship Updates, and reporting to the College Buddy Director as needed for the duration of one academic year.
4.Membership Coordinator- A full-time, undergraduate student who works with the College Buddy Director to plan, direct, and supervise all chapter activities (group outings and fundraisers) for the duration of one academic year.
5.Treasurer- A full-time, undergraduate student who acts as chief financial officer of the chapter for the duration of one academic year.
6.E-Buddies Coordinator- A full-time, undergraduate student who works with the College Buddies and Buddies to introduce E-Buddies for the duration of one academic year. (Optional)
The College Buddy Director determines all officer positions.
Section Two
Applications for College Buddy Director must be completed and submitted to Best Buddies International on or before March 1st. Best Buddies staff selects the College Buddy Director through an application and interview process. College Buddy Director applications are available to any full-time undergraduate student who has completed one academic year. The College Buddy Director must attend the annual Best Buddies International Leadership Conference held during the summer.
Article V- Chapter Meetings and Buddy Pair Outings
1.Chapter Meetings: Held once a month. Buddies are invited to selected meetings. Chapter meetings are a valuable forum for exchanging ideas, expressing concerns, providing training, motivation, and solving problems.
2.One-to-One-Outings: College Buddies and Buddies are required to contact each other weekly and participate in two one-to-one activities per month for a full academic year.
3.Group Outings: A time for College Buddies and Buddies to get together as a group for a social activity. Four group outings are required per academic year but preferably one each month.
Article VI- Advisor
The advisor works with the College Buddy Director in approving officers and provides assistance when called upon.
Article VII- Amendment Procedure for Constitution
Article I through Article VI may not be amended since they follow in accordance to the guidelines set forth by the Best Buddies International Organization, and as a chapter, Siena must follow the established rules.
All other Articles may be amended by the College Buddy Director and only with the approval of the Advisor. All amendments must have final approval by the student Senate.
Article VIII- Dissolution
The Best Buddies chapter at Siena College is terminated if it fails to follow in accordance with the Best Buddies International Organization if they fail to have all of the officer positions filled, hold all stipulated meetings and outings, and send the College Buddy Director to the Best Buddies International Leadership Conference.
Article IX – Ratification
Amendment is effective when ratified by the Student Senate.
Article XI- Effective Date
March 15, 2005
Article XII- Renewal Date