Multicultural Studies Working Group

  • Dr. Marcela Garces
    "Personal Identity: Creatively Explaining Oneself"

    Wednesday November 14
    Bernardine Room

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Contact Information

 Dr. Lisa Nevárez, director 
      Office: Kiernan Hall 226
      Phone: (518) 782-6878


Spring 2013 Courses

Multicultural Studies courses, Spring 2013

  MULT 030 Women Writers from Latin American in Translation
  MULT 110 Sociology of Southeast Asia
  MULT 300 Issues in Contemporary American Education
  MULT 300 Leaders in World Politics
  MULT 300 Philosophical Perspectives on Diversity
  MULT 300 Mobile Technology in Africa
  MULT 300 Relationship Violence
  MULT 300 African Literature
  MULT 300 Sex and Death in the Age of the Samurai
  MULT 300 Rural Sustainability in Latin America
  MULT 300 Grief, Loss, Death and Dying
  MULT 300 Peacebuilding Through the Arts
  MULT 300 Julia Alvarez
  MULT 345 Asian-American Literature
  MULT 372 The Middle East in Modern Times
  MULT 400 Environmental Justice