Academic Integration

As you prepare for the semester, please consider the following "real world" projects for companies that are part of the Siena College Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. While many of the projects are appropriate for School of Business students and faculty, others will need the expertise of students and faculty from the School of Science and the School of Liberal Arts. They can be used as semester long group projects, classroom based individual projects, independent studies (with you as faculty mentor or with a member of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) as the mentor), and non-credit bearing projects to boost the resume (again, mentored by you or by CIE).

Each project is briefly described below. If you would like more information or have questions:

Please contact: Dr. Cheryl Buff



1. Energy Drink Company – market study, marketing assistance, business plan assistance

2. Social Media/Predictive Analytics Start-Up  - (Project adopted by SCIAI)

3. Social Media/Professional-  An executive search professional with an interesting software idea; needs software development and complete management team.

4. GreenFleece – The company is interested in any support Siena College can provide in the area of market analysis, or other areas of potential business development, and is willing to work with students to provide practical hands-on experience in developing a small business.

5. Barracuda Brackets .... Marketing strategy to develop the DIY (Do it Yourself) market for their patented brackets used for building shelving units, TV stands and other applications. This could include DIY TV networks, social media, infomercials or other alternatives.

6. NetRep- Research to effectively identify the best market segments for them to target for their seminars on managing social media to obtain jobs and for their supplemental webbased related services.