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    Sarazen Student Union, Room 302 
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    Student Activities & Leadership Development
    515 Loudon Road
    Loudonville, NY 12211
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    (518) 783-2330
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    (518) 786-5053
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Publicity Information


Introducing CPSA Codes 

 Gain instant access to information via the Campus Programs & Student Activities (CPSA) CODES. Known as QR codes, or quick response codes, the two-dimensional bar codes offer a quick and easy way for you to get comprehensive information on the go by using a camera-enabled, internet-accessible smartphone.
Any time you see a CPSA CODE, scan the code with a QR scanner and you could get content regarding upcoming programs and events such as upcoming speakers, performers, concerts, BINGO!, weekend series, services and MUCH more, all of which will appear instantly on your smartphone. *Requires a smartphone with a camera and internet connection*
Download a QR scanner application to your smartphone. (Free applications are available).
2. Open Application & AIM
When you see a CPSA Code, open your QR scanner application and aim your phone's camera at the Code. Your camera phone will automatically register the code and upload the information.
The CPSA Code takes you instantly to content information.
Quick FAQs
Can anyone use the CPSA Code?
Anyone with a smartphone and a QR application can use the CPSA Code.
What is a QR scanner?
A QR (Quick Response) scanner is an application on your smartphone that can read and process a QR Code.
Do I have a QR scanner?

Some smartphones come with a QR scanner built in. If your smartphone does not have a QR scanner, there are apps available to download. And many of these applications are available in a free version.

How do I download a QR scanner?
If your smartphone does not already have a QR scanner, access the application store from your smartphone and search for "QR Code Reader" to download. There are many free or paid applications from which to choose.
Still having trouble? Contact us in Campus Programs: 518-783-2330