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Use this form to submit story ideas that promote Siena College in a positive way.
The three main elements of a good news story are:
1.      Newsworthiness –The story should be interesting and informative.  It should be part of a trend or happening concurrently with other existing news.
2.      Timeliness – Please be sure to pitch your story within a two week window of when the event happened or incident occurred.
3.      Proximity/ Prominence  – There should be a local, personal or human interest connection.
4.      Available Sound and Pictures – Stories should be visually interesting. Whenever possible, news outlets like to capture images that help to illustrate what is happening.
Please provide detailed answers to the following. Remember, besides standard event listings, publications are always looking for a unique angle to a story - with that, it has a higher probability of being published.

News Story

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Any possibility of event coverage requires 1-2 weeks advance notice. 
Story ideas will be reviewed by the Strategic Communications and Integrated Marketing Office. If a story is going to be pursued, SCIM will follow up to get additional details if necessary, develop the story, possibly pitch it and place it in appropriate venues.
Once a story is distributed to media outlets there is NO GUARENTEE THAT IT WILL APPEAR IN ANY PUBLICATION. Any public relations story, article, quote, mention, photo, or video that appears in the media is considered to be “earned media.” In contrast to paid media (i.e., advertising), earned media must have merit in its own right and be approved by a third party editor or staff, thereby “earning” the media placement.