Updated:4/17/2014 11:29:09 AM

Grant Announcements

1255877 RUI: Characterizing the Mechanisms Mediating C. Elegans Male Tail Morphogenesis, Mason, D. Adam, $362,201.00

1206032 RUI: Neutrino Physics at Daya Bay, Cummings, John, $81,195.00

1229541 MRI: Development of a Synchronous Direct Digital Receiver System for Geospace Imaging Studies, Weatherwax, Allan, $364,807.00

1226525 RAPID: FireStation--Understanding Earth's Most Powerful Natural Particle Accelerator, Weatherwax, Allan, $57,971.00

1136322 Noyce Mathematics and Science Teaching Scholarship Program at Siena College, Matthews, James $1,197,020.00

1048365 A Novel Architectural Approach to the Organic Synthesis of Short Segments of Carbon Single-Walled Nanotubes with Well-Defined Lengths, Diameters and Chiral Vectors Hughes, Thomas $103,400.00

901954 RUI: Neutrino Physics at Daya Bay Cummings, John $186,053.00

840158 Collaborative Research: PENGUIn - A High-Latitude Window to Geospace Dynamics Weatherwax, Allan $2,042,457.00

847430 CAREER: Gas Stripping in Low-Redshift Groups & Clusters Finn, Rose $471,460.00

744739 RUI: G Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinase 2 (GRK2): Mechanism of Activation Sterne-Marr, Rachel $600,000.00

728452 Educating Scientists for Tech Valley: A Cohort Scholars Program Medsker, Larry $598,852.00

638587 Studies of the Polar Ionosphere and Magnetosphere from Measurements in Antarctica Weatherwax, Allan $794,822.00