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Voicemail Setup

Once you have the account information, follow the instructions below to set up your voicemail.

  • To set up your student voicemailbox, please follow the instructions below. Marsha, our voicemail "voice," will lead you through the steps.
  • Dial 5555 from your room. This connects you to the voicemail system. You may dial (518) 782-5555 from off campus to reach the voicemail system also.
  • Press *
  • Enter your personal mailbox number 
  • Enter your default password (same as your mailbox number).
  • When prompted, enter your new personal password (4 to 7 digits which cannot be a string of repeating digits such as 9999), then press #
  • When prompted, record just your name (i.e. John Smith)
  • Wait for Marsha’s next introduction. Press 2 to select a personally recorded greeting, or Press 1 to use Marsha’s pre-recorded "standard" greeting. Please remember to include your name in your message when you select the personally recorded greeting.
  • Listen to the prompts. If you selected 2, when Marsha tells you to "record your message now" go ahead. Press # when finished.
  • You may press # to save your greeting, or * to re-record.
  • To  change your greeting at a later date, dial into voicemail, enter your password, and press 4. Marsha will help you along the way.