Courses for School of Liberal Arts Majors

First Year Seminar FYSM 100 

There are 17 different topicsand you get to choose your top five. We will make every effort to put you in one of your five choices.

Core Disciplinary English CDE

ENGL 011 Literary Perspectives                       
ENGL 090  Freshman Honors Great Books - (permission needed by


Core Disciplinary History CDH
HIST 101  Shaping of the Contemporary World 
HIST 190  Freshman Honors History         - (permission needed by

Core Disciplinary Philosophy  CDP

PHIL 101   Philosophy and the Human Being     
PHIL 103   Reason and Argument
PHIL 101   Honors - Philosophy and the Human Being (permission needed by

Core Disciplinary Religious Studies CDR
RELG 121 Intro to Biblical Studies               

RELG 121 Honors Intro to Biblical Studies (permission needed by 

RELG 141 Intro to Religious Thought             
RELG101  Religion in Western Culture             
RELG 181 Experiences of the Sacred                

Core Disciplinary Creative Arts CDA

CREA 102 Introduction to Visual Arts
CREA 103 Introduction to Music 
CREA 104 Introduction to Theatre
CREA 231 Art to the 15th Century 

CREA 232 Art From the 15th Century

Core Disciplinary Social Science   CDS
EDUC 210 Issues in Contemporary American Education
POSC 100 Contemporary U.S. Politics

POSC 100 Honors Contemporary U.S. Politics (permission needed by 

POSC 205 State and Local Government
PSYC 100 General Psychology 
SWRK 100 Introduction Social Welfare and Social Work 
SOCI 101 General Sociology 
SOCI 120 Global Social Problems
SOCI 130 The Family

ECON 101  Micro Economics 
ECON 101  Honors - Micro Economics (permission needed by  
ECON 102 Macro Economics  (For students with college credit in Micro Economics from HS)

Core Disciplinary Natural Science CDN

BIOL 025  Human Biology - designed for non-science majors
PHYS 010   Astronomy -  designed for non-science majors

The following are designed for Science majors, but are open to all
CHEM 110  General Chemistry I - with Lab  

ENVA 100  Environmental Science - with Lab    
PHYS 110  General Physics IA - with Lab  
PHYS 130 General Physics I – with Lab

Core Disciplinary Quantitative Analysis (Math) CDQ
MATH 010  Finite Mathematics – designed for non-Science majors  
CSIS 110 Introduction to Computer Science 

Language Electives (Some majors require a language)

ARAB 101 Arabic I  

ATDV 250 Chinese 1


FREN 101 Fundamentals of French I                                  
FREN 201 Intermediate French I                                                    
FREN 301 French Conversation I                                                   

GERM 101 Fundamentals of German I                                           
GREK 101  Elemenatary Greek I

ITAL101 Fundamentals of Italian I                                                 
ITAL201 Intermediate Italian I                                                       
ITAL 301 Communication in Italian  I

LATN 101 Elementary College Latin I                                            
LATN 201 Intermediate Latin I                                                         

RUSS 101 Fundamentals of Russian I                                                
RUSS 201 Intermediate Russian I

SPAN 101 Fundamentals of Spanish I                                              
SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II

SPAN 301 Communication in Spanish I 
SPAN 301 Communication in Spanish I

Additional Electives ( Chances are that you have to take several electives to graduate)

BIOL 110    General Biology I  - with Lab 
CHEM 025 Concepts of Environmental Chemistry  
CREA 108  Intro to Broadcast Journalism
CREA 213  Basics of Singing
CREA 280  Documentary Filmmaking
CREA 111  Proseminar in Creative Arts  (Creative Arts Majors only)

CREA 120 Chorus 
CREA 210 Orchestra 
CREA 297 Graphic Design
CREA 135 Voice and Movement
CREA 219 Acting I 
CREA 242 Music from the 17th Century
CREA 165  Music Theory I
CREA 117 Communications Law and Ethics
CREA 221 Acting for the Camera
CREA 258 American Theatre
FREN 027  French Cinema  (Taught in English)
GERM 026  20th Century German Cinema  (Taught in English)
GERM 025  20th Century  German Literature in Translation
SOCI 160  Environment and Society
SOCI 190  Crime and Justice
WRIT 100  Introduction to Writing 
POSC 140 Comparative Politics
ATDV 250 Communication for Non-Native English Speakers (where appropriate)