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Forwarding E-mail

All official Siena mail will be sent to your Siena Student e-mail address.  Some students want to have mail sent to other addresses. If you wish to have it forwarded to another account, follow the steps below.


Warning:  It is always possible that important messages might not be forwarded properly. Be sure to install all the rules listed below to reduce this possibility.  In addition, check your Siena e-mail at least weekly to see if any other important messages are missed by the rules.  Siena is not responsible for messages lost or missed due to errors forwarding them.  Check your e-mail to make sure you haven't missed anything.

Part 1:  For mail sent directly to you

  1. Go into Outlook Web Access
  2. Click on "Options" at the top of the screen.
    Outlook Web Access Options
  3. Click on "Rules" at the bottom left of the screen.

    Rules in OWA
  4. Click on "New Rule."
  5. From the dropdown list, click on "Create a new rule for arriving messages."
  6. The new rule window will display.

    New Rule
  7. Give the rule a name if you wish in the "Name:" box.
  8. Click on "Forward or Redirect."
  9. Pub a check beside "Forward this message to people or distribution list."
  10. In the left pane, click on "people or distributions lists" (underlined and blue text).
  11. Click on "Message recipients" and enter the address where you want mail forwarded. Warning:  If the address is in error, you will not receive e-mail.  Double check.
  12. Click "Save" to save the rule.

Part 2 -- Forwarding group mail from your Instructors

Mail sent directly to you will be forwarded, but mail sent to a mailing list will not.  To make sure mail from your Instructor reaches you, do the following:

  1. Follow steps 1-6 of Part 1
  2. When the rule window displays, give the rule a name to differentiate it.  The Instructor's name is fine.
  3. Under "From field includes," type in your Instructor's e-mail address.  If you're not sure of it, click on the little book icon and look it up.
  4. Set up the forwarding address (Step 7-8) above.

Repeat the process, creating rules for all your instructors.

Part 3 -- Getting mail from Students Lists

Important announcements will only be forwarded if you create rules to do so.  You will have to create rules to forward mail sent to student lists.
The procedure is the same as indicated in Part 1.  Instead of entering your e-mail address, you need to enter the e-mail address of the mailing list.  Click on the icon of the book at the right of "Sent to: People or Distribution List."  Type in "students" (no quotes) and find the lists you want to subscribe to.  Click on the name(s) you want click on "Apply" (Note: This has not been tested.  While is appears that you can select more than one list for the rule, this has not yet been confirmed.  If you have tested it, contact ITS).
Once you have chosen the mailing lists, set up your forwarding address.

Part 4 -- Checking your mail

Even after you have set up forwarding, it's a good idea to check your e-mail from time to time to find messages the rules haven't caught and to clean out spam.  If your mailbox becomes full, your messages won't be forwarded.