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Free Security Software

Antivirus Software

If you need antivirus in order to log on to FRANet, download and install Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). It will work even if you haven't been able to register yet. You must uninstall any other antivirus software before installing MSE..

Download Microsoft Security Essentials

Download ClamXav Antivirus for the Mac


Removing Old Antivirus

You need to uninstall old antivirus before adding new software. 

Spyware Protection

The following programs can be installed to help stop spyware and to clean your computer.

  • Malwarebytes.  Very thorough scan for spyware.  Use this first.
  • SuperAntiSpyware. Current, one of the best. Try it if Malwarebytes doesn't help.  It's good, but does require a bit more computer savvy.
  • Ad-Aware: Performs a scan of your computer for spyware.  Very thorough, but needs to be run manually.  Also, some spyware can hide from it.
  • Spybot Search and Destroy: Scans your computer for spyware.  Needs to be run manually.

  • Spyware Blaster: Prevents spyware from being installed.  Run it once to set protections; it does not have to be running to protect.  However, you do need to manually update it to keep your protection up to date.

General Virus Cleaners

Software to clean an infected computer.

  • Housecall Virus Scanner: Free virus/spyware scanner from Trendmicro.
  • McAfee Stinger: Downloadable software to protect against common virus threats.
  • Trend Micro Sysclean: Cleans a variety of viruses from your system. Not as thorough as Housecall, but does not require an Internet connection.

Cleaners for Specific Viruses/Spyware

  • AIMfix: Fixes AIM viruses (Spread via Instant Messenger). has this tool, which is updated often. Download the file and run it.
  • Vundofix: Common (and very stubborn) spyware that causes popups and slowdowns of your system.  Download the file, close Internet Explorer, and run it.  Scan for Vundo (also called Virtumundo and Winfixer); if it’s detected use the “Remove” button.  Your computer will restart as part of the cleaning process.
  • Hijackthis: Diagnostic tool. Creates a list of programs that run automatically, allowing an expert to identify potential problems.  To have the log interpreted, upload it to

Other Tools

  • EICAR test file: Used to test your antivirus software.  This is a harmless file that is flagged as a virus by all antivirus software. If you download this, you will probably get a virus warning.  If not, your antivirus isn’t working.

Other Free Antivirus