2011-Senate President- Alex Mazza



Cassy Jane Werking


¡Class Year: 2013


¡Major: American Studies


¡ Hometown: East Greenbush, NY


¡ On Campus Residence: Hennepin Hall


¡ Previous Leadership Positions Held: Class of 2013 President, Class of 2013 Representative, and I am currently the Ryan Hall Peer Advisor 


¡ Interesting Fact about Yourself: I was an extra in the TV show One Tree Hill, filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina.
¡Goal for your Board this Year: I hope my administration can make the students’ time here at Siena a little better than it otherwise would have been. By working together as an inclusive team that keeps in mind why we are here as leaders, I think that it is more than possible to make this difference.