American Studies Courses Spring 2011

AMST450: American Studies Proseminar (Permission of Dr. Mahar, required for American Studies majors and minors intending to graduate May 2012.)
Area A:  For History course descriptions, please see the Spring 2011 History Course Guide.
HIST312: American Revolution in the Atlantic World, 1763-1812
HIST329: The Civil War Homefront (Honors, Permission of Instructor)
HIST402: Canada and the US: Divergent Paths, Intertwined Destinies
HIST403: The Dutch Roots of New York (Travel Course, Permission of Instructor)
HIST457: American Immigration in Historical Perspective
HIST463: U.S. Military History
HIST480: Internship
Area B:
EDUC210: Issues in Contemporary American Education
SOCI385: The Civil Rights Movement (Travel Course, Permission of Instructor)
POSC100: Contemporary U.S. Politics
POSC320: American Presidency
POSC372: Civil Liberties
SOCI130: The Family
Area C:
CREA 255: American Art
ENGL207: Survey of American Literature II
ENGL213: Survey of American Literature
ENGL355: Realistic Movement in American Literature
ENGL370: African-American Literature
ENGL376: Latinola Literature
ENGL490: Teen Film (Honors, Permission of Instructor)
RELG370:  Religion, Morality, and Politics
RELG490: Malcolm X: Healing America (Honors, Permission of Instructor)