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    Professor of History
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Karl Barbir, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae (Short)

Address: Department of History
               Siena College
               515 Loudon Road
               Loudonville, N.Y. 12211-1462
               Work: (518) 783-2355
               Home: (518) 783-2012
Princeton University: M.A., 1973, Ph.D., 1977 (Near Eastern Studies, discipline of history)
American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanon: B.A. (Modern European History), 1970, M.A. (Modern Middle Eastern History), 1971
Siena College, Assistant Professor of History, 1977-1983; Associate Professor, 1983-1987; Professor, 1987-    ; Director of Academic Advising, 1986-1989; Chair, Department of History, May 1993-May 1999; Chair, Faculty Committee (Faculty Senate), 1995-1997; Co-Director, Siena World War II Conference, 2001-2006; Director, College Honors Program, 2002-2004.    
            State University of New York at Albany, Lecturer, since Spring 1992
            Fordham University, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Spring 1983
            University of Pennsylvania, Visiting Associate Professor, Spring 1982
Princeton University, Assistant in Instruction (Preceptor), Department of Near Eastern Studies, Fall 1972 and Fall 1974
            AUB, Graduate Assistant, Department of History, 1970-1971
Select Publications:
Ottoman Rule in Damascus, 1708-1758. Princeton University Press, 1980. In the series, "Princeton Studies on the Near East."
"From Pasha to Efendi: the Assimilation of Ottomans into Damascene Society, 1516-1783," International Journal of Turkish Studies 1 (1980): 68-83.
"The Ottomans and the Muslim Pilgrimage, 1516-1783." Türk-Arap Iliþkileri: Geçmiþte, Bugün ve Gelecekte; I. Uluslararasý Konferansý Bildirileri. [International Conference on Turkish-Arab Relations, Past, Present, and Future]. Ankara, Turkey: Hacettepe University Press, 1980, pp. 76-81. Published version of paper presented in Ankara in 1979.
"Scholarship and Opportunity in Eighteenth-Century Jerusalem: Hasan al-Qudsi's Notables." The Third International Conference on Bilad al-Sham: Palestine, 19-24 April 1980.  Amman: Royal Scientific Society, 1983, vol. 1, pp. 11-25. Published version of paper presented in Amman in 1980.
"Lebanon." Academic American Encyclopedia (Grolier, Inc., 1986), XII, 264-267 (with Leila S. al-Imad). Reprinted in 1989 and 1994 editions.
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"Getting and Spending in Eighteenth-Century Damascus: Wealth at Three Social Levels." La vie sociale dans les provinces arabes à l'époque ottomane, ed. Abdeljelil Temimi (Zaghouan, Tunisia: CEROMDI, 1988), III, 63-76. Published version of paper presented in Tunis in 1986.
"All in the Family: the Muradis of Damascus." IIIrd Congress on the Social and Economic History of Turkey (Princeton University, 24-26 August 1983), ed. Heath W. Lowry and Ralph S. Hattox (Istanbul, Washington, and Paris: Isis Press, 1990), pp. 327-355.
"The Formation of an Eighteenth Century Sufi: Taha al-Kurdi (1723-1800)." Revue d'histoire maghrébine 17/59-60 (1990): 41-47. Published version of paper presented in 1988 in Tunis.
"Wealth, Privilege, and Family Structure: the `Askaris of 18th Century Damascus According to the Qassam `Askari Inheritance Records." The Syrian Land in the 18th and 19th Century, ed. Thomas Philipp. Berliner Islamstudien, Volume 5. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 1992, pp. 179-195. Originally presented to a conference in Erlangen, West Germany, in 1989.
"The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire." Touchstone: the Magazine of the Tennessee Humanities Council, No. 20 (1992): 6-9. Intended to accompany an exhibit, "The Age of Suleiman the Magnificent," Memphis, Tennessee.
"Social Interdependence, 1800-1914." Modernization in the Middle East: The Ottoman Empire and Its Afro-Asian Successors, ed. Cyril E. Black and L. Carl Brown. Princeton: Darwin Press, 1992, pp. 101-119.
"Memory, Heritage, and History: the Ottoman Legacy in the Arab World," in Imperial Legacy: the Ottoman Imprint on the Balkans and the Middle East, ed. L. Carl Brown. New York: Columbia University Press, 1996, pp. 100-114.
"From Ernest Renan to André Raymond: Changing French Approaches to the Modern History of the Arab World, Maghrib and Mashriq," in Franco-Arab Encounters: Studies in Memory of David C. Gordon, ed. L. Carl Brown and Matthew Gordon (Beirut: American University of Beirut Press, 1996), pp. 449-459.
"The Changing Face of the Ottoman Empire in the Eighteenth Century: Past and Future Scholarship," Oriente Moderno 18/1 (1999): 253-267.
“Arab Studies in Ottoman History Since 1945,” in Ottoman Past and Today’s Turkey, ed. Kemal H. Karpat. Leiden: E.J. Brill, 2000, pp. 272-281.
“The Ottoman Empire and Peoples: Succession, Religion, Culture, and Politics,” review article of Justin McCarthy, The Ottoman Peoples and the End of Empire; Þükrü Hanioðlu, Preparation for a Revolution: The Young Turks, 1902-1908; Kemal Karpat, The Politicization of Islam: Reconstructing Identity, State, Faith, and Community in the Late Ottoman State, in The Historian 65 (2003): 1398-1403.
“Alfred Thayer Mahan, Theodore Roosevelt, the Middle East, and the Twentieth Century,” Journal of Middle Eastern and North African Intellectual and Cultural Studies2/1 (Spring 2004): 57-80. Originally presented at Siena College, April 1998, at a conference on Theodore Roosevelt.
“Introduction,” and “One Marker of Ottomanism: Confiscation of Ottoman Officials’ Estates,” in Identity and Identity Formation in the Ottoman World, edited by Baki Tezcan and Karl Barbir, a special issue of International Journal of Turkish Studies 13/1-2 (2007): 1-6 and 135-145 respectively.
Contributor to Jane Hathaway, The Arab Lands Under Ottoman Rule, 1516-1800. Harlow, England: Pearson Education, 2008.
Manuscript review of a middle school student encyclopedia article, “Lebanon,” The New Book of Knowledge, 5th edition (Danbury, CT: Scholastic Library Publishing, 2008), pp. 119-123.