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Contact Information

 Dr. Lisa Nevárez, director 
      Office: Kiernan Hall 226
      Phone: (518) 782-6878



Requirements for the Minor:
Interested students should meet with the Director, Dr. Lisa Nevárez (English Dept.), as early in their course of studies as possible, in order to design an appropriate and coherent program for the minor.


Office: 226 Kiernan Hall

Phone: (518) 782-6878

18 credit hours are required for the minor. All Multicultural Studies minors must complete the Seminar in Multicultural Studies (MULT—400), at least one additional Comparative Multicultural Course, and the remaining 4 electives from the list of courses below. No course counted for a student’s major may also be counted toward this minor, and students should not take more than 3 courses in any one department.

Description of Courses

MULT—300. Topics in Multicultural Studies 3 credits

This course will explore topics in Multicultural Studies that are not part of

the regular course offerings.Topics will be announced during registration in

the preceding semester.This course may be taken more than once with a different

content. (ATTR:ARTS)


MULT—400. Seminar in Multicultural Studies 3 credits

This seminar provides advanced cultural critique and exposure to contemporary

innovative,multicultural theory and its applications. Students will challenge

the limitations of western scholarship by applying or developing multicultural

methodology in a major research project on a non-western topic.The

course will also include personal and group interactions with multicultural

individuals and community environments. Prerequisite: Students must have

completed three courses in Multicultural Studies prior to this course or

obtain permission of the instructor. (ATTR:ARTS)


MULT—300 Topics in Multicultural Studies

African American/Africa Courses

MULT—110 SOCI—180 Peoples of Africa

MULT—210 RELG—210 Introduction to Islam

MULT—212 CREA—297 Special Topics in Creative Arts —

World Music/Africa

MULT—310 HIST—370 Africa I

MULT—312 HIST—373 Africa II

MULT—314 SOCI—385 Topics in Sociology — Civil Rights Era

MULT—316 ENGL—370 African American Literature

MULT—410 HIST—461 African American History

MULT—412 HIST—411 Slavery in Historical Perspective

MULT—414 HIST—471 Conflict in South Africa

Latino/Latina Latin America Courses

MULT—030 SPAN—027 WSTU—330 Women Writers from Latin

America: Literature in Translation

MULT—330 HIST—340 Latin America — Colonial Period

MULT—332 HIST—343 Latin America — National Period

MULT—334 HIST—345 History of Mexico

MULT—335 ENGL—376 Latino/a Literature

MULT—336 SPAN—360 Spanish American Civilization

MULT—338 POSC—347 Politics and Society of the Americas

MULT—430 HIST—465 Spanish Border Lands

MULT—432 SPAN—460 Latin American Literature

Asian American / Asia Courses

MULT—340 HIST—350 History of East Asia I

MULT—342 HIST—353 History of East Asia II

MULT—344 HIST—355 South East Asia, Mainland

MULT—345 ENGL—374 Asian-American Literature

MULT—446 HIST—357 South East Asia,Archipelago and Islands

MULT—348 HIST—360 History of Modern China

MULT—350 HIST—363 History of Modern Japan

MULT—352 POSC—345 Chinese Government and Politics

MULT—354 RELG—385 Buddhist Traditions

Native American Courses

MULT—160 SOCI—150 American Indians

MULT—360 ENGL—372 Native American Literature

Arab American/Middle Eastern Courses

MULT—210 RELG—210 Introduction to Islam

MULT—370 HIST—330 The Middle East: Foundations of the

Modern Experience

MULT—372 HIST—333 The Middle East in Modern Times

Comparative Multicultural Courses

MULT—180 POSC—140 Comparative Politics

MULT—182 SOCI—140 Cultural Anthropology

MULT—280 SOCI—210 Race and Ethnic Relations

MULT—282 ENGL—285 Growing Up in America

MULT—284 ATDV—210 WSTU—100 Perspectives in Women’s

and Multicultural Studies

MULT—286 POSC—250 United Nations

MULT—380 RELG—380 Religions of Native Peoples

MULT—382 ENGL—368 Literature of the War in Viet Nam

MULT—384 ECON—360 Economic Development

MULT—386 MKMG—334 International Marketing