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Spam E-mail and Phishing Scams


Never give your Siena password to anyone.

ITS will not ask for it. 

If anyone asks you to e-mail your password, for any reason, DO NOT SEND IT.


If you receive a message similar to the one below, it is not legit.   It is a phishing attempt via Spam e-mail.   Please disregard the message, and delete it.

Be very cautious of clicking on links within an email.   The hackers try to gather personal information on the Internet via web links such as the one below.  Siena ITS will not send these messages, and will never ask for passwords or personal information via e-mail.   That is a sure sign of a phishing e-mail. 


From: Doe, John 
Sent: Monday, August 16, 2010 2:19 PM
Subject: Webmail Notice
Your webmail quota system has exceeded the storage limit,Due To hidden files On your mailbox,Your Are Currently Running On 23GB to Validate your mailbox and increase your quota.
In addition, You are advice to click the link below, fill in your appropriate email login information in order to boost your webmail quota and to enhance the security of your email account.
Please Click Here: (Link removed, but a link would be here….DO NOT CLICK ON UNKNOWN LINKS!!!!)

If your mailbox remains de-activated for an extended period of time, it may result in further limitations or eventual closure
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