Instructions for Accessing and Using Web for Students



Instructions for Accessing and Using Web for Students


Fall schedules can be viewed on your Web for Students account - you should have already logged on to this account to take care of some Financial Aid paperwork.


Web for Students is here:


Your Username is your SID  - your Siena ID that starts with “901”


Your initial PIN was emailed to you on June 11th or 12 by our Financial Aid Office. The first time you logged in you were required to change it. Let us know if you lost it and we can have it resent or reset.

To view your schedule:

Click on “Student Services

Scroll to the very bottom of the page. You will see another link for “Student Services”. Click that on the link.

Click on “Registration

Click on "Student Detail Schedule and Buy Books Now"

Select the term “Fall 2013” and hit “Submit”


If you click on the “Buy Books Now” icon, you can purchase all your books for the fall and we will hold them until you get here in September.

Another way to view and print your schedule is to scroll to the top of the page, click on “Return to Menu,” and print your schedule by selecting "Student Schedule by Day and Time."  Put in 09/21/2013 as the date in the “Go to (MM/DD/YYYY)” box.  You may print directly from your browser by selecting the "Print" button or by selecting "File" and then "Print."


You have the ability to make changes, but we strongly encourage you to check with us before you do so.  There are classes still open, but not a lot, and less where you need them to fit the rest of your schedule.


Keep in mind that it is perfectly normative for you to have evening classes - some of these meet once per week. It is also not unusual for you to have a lot of time between classes.  Most of you have five classes. Some of you in the School of Science have four classes - since you also have a few labs.
Note that "R" stands for "Thursday" and "TR" stands for Tuesday and Thursday.


If you want to talk about your schedule or seek to make changes, you can:

1- Email us at

2- Call us at 518 783 - 2955


3- Make an appointment to visit with us in Siena Hall 215 over the summer


Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and walk you through the navigation of the web for students


 Instructions for making changes to your schedule

Click on “Registration”
Click on  “Add/Drop Classes”

Submit term (Fall 2013) and scroll to bottom.

Select "Class Search" and then “Advanced Search”. Choose a subject (i.e. History, Creative Arts etc.) and select
“Section Search”. You can ignore all of the rest on the page.

If a class has an empty checkbox in the first column, it is open.  If it has a “C” it is closed.

Check the box of the class you want, then go to the bottom and click “Register”

Classes for which you are successfully registered will appear in the "Current Schedule" section.

***To drop a section, click on the drop down box next to the section and select "Web Drop" Then click “Submit All Changes.

***Registration errors will appear beneath your schedule with a status message indicating the error.

***DO NOT use the "Add to Worksheet" button!
 Other students can close courses that you have pending in the worksheet.

Again, we encourage you to contact our office before you make any changes. The registration process can be confusing and we want to make sure that you are enrolled in the proper classes for your major. Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions.