Campus Resources

Information Technology Services

ITS or computer services answer any questions you may have about your Siena e-mail account.  You are required to check your Siena e-mail account on a regular basis for you will receive important messages from the college and professors. 

Computers are available 24 hours a day in the entrance of the library.  You use your Siena ID for access to the building’s entrance way after hours.  The computer lab, located within the library, can be used to write and print out class assignments.  Call 518-783-2573 for details.

Writing / Tutoring Services

You can bring your class writing assignments, research papers, lab reports and essays to the Writing Center for tutoring in academic writing or for ESL assistance. You may also arrange for a tutor in any academic subject. Call Director Michelle Liptak at 518-782-6510 to schedule an appointment or stop by the Writing Center located in Standish Library.  

Counseling Services

Located in the basement of Foy Hall (Room 110), the Counseling Center can help you handle overwhelming feelings of anxiety, homesickness or depression. Call 518-783-2342 to schedule an appointment.

Health Insurance and Medical Needs

Siena College Health Services, located in the lower level of the Marcelle Commons Building in the Townhouse Complex, has hours 9am-5pm Monday through Friday during the academic year.  Nurses, nurse practitioners and physician consultants are available for common ailments and health maintenance.  Should a non-emergency medical need arise, the Health Services staff can refer you to the appropriate resource.  Call 518-783-2554 for more information.

The College offers health insurance, dental coverage and a prescription plan that is a wise investment to have even if you have coverage back home.  Unfortunately, exchange rates can put limitations on your home policy, and you could still end up having a large medical bill due to unexpected illnesses.  A ride in an ambulance can cost you $300, and a brief stay in the hospital can cost thousands if you do not have health coverage in the US.


International Students are required to have an individual policy for health insurance as the College does not provide one. You must show proof of insurance when you arrive on campus or you will be required to purchase a policy through recommended providers once you arrive.  Visit the Student Health Insurance page for more information.