Microsoft Picture Manager

MS Office Picture Manager is an easy-to-learn application for making simple edits like croping, resizing, contrast/brightness adjustments and compressing an image for display on the web. Below are instructions for compressing an image you wish to upload. A compressed image will require much less space to store, will still look great and will appear faster for visitors to your web page.

- Identify the location of the picture you want to edit/resize.

- Start Microsoft Office Picture Manager which you can locate in:
All programs, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Tools, Microsoft Office Picture Manager

- OR - at the location where you saved it, simply right-click on the listing of the image you wish to edit/resize.
Choose "Open with" then "Microsoft Office Picture Manger".
Note: Pictures saved in "My Pictures" on your computer will automatically appear when you open MS Office Picture Manager (as seen below) where just double-clicking an image will open it in the editing window.

- When the picture is open in the editing window, click "Edit Pictures..." from the toolbar at the top.

- From the panel that appears at right click "Compress Pictures".

- Move up the panel and select "Web pages" (the estimated total size savings will appear below).

- Click "OK".

- Now save your picture.
Important: Use Save As... and edit the file name if you do not want your original image to be changed by your edits.

Your picture is now ready to upload for use on the web.