BAC Committee

Budget Allocation Committee


BAC Meeting Dates: Wednesday October 5th 2011, Wednesday November 2nd 2011, Wednesday December 7th 2011

*Note: Request forms are to be placed in the Student Senate Treasurer’s mailbox a week before the scheduled meeting. It is located in the Sarazen Student Union, within the Student Lounge (Room 202).

Forms & Applications


Budget Allocation Committee Information

In order to make the steps of obtaining budgets a more transparent system between students and administrators alike,  below is some information and guidelines. Hopefully this will clear up as many inquiries as you may have about the budget process here at Siena.

- What is the Budget Allocation Committee?

The budget allocation committee, also known as the B.A.C. is in charge of providing clubs and organizations with funding every academic year. The committee is comprised of the elected and appointed students, faculty, and administration.

- How does my club obtain a budget for the next academic year?

Academic year allocation meetings are held during the spring semester in April for the following year. Budget request packets are available online via the Student Senate web site. They are to be printed, filled out, and return to the student senate treasurer’s mailbox at the required date below. In later weeks you will then receive an e-mail with a specific date and time when you are scheduled to present, in front of the committee, your proposal.

-What if my club needs extra/emergency funding during the year?

Additional allocation meetings will be held once a month (October thru April) for organizations that would like more funding. In order to request extra funding you must fill out an additional allocation sheet via the Student Senate web site and place it in the Student Senate Treasurer’s mailbox by the required date below. Once you’ve turned in your request you will be expected to attend the next Budget Allocation Committee meeting and present your proposal. These meetings are held on the first Wednesday night of every month at 9:15.

-Where do I find these deadlines and dates?

 Deadline and dates can be found on the Budget Allocation Committee web page within the Student Senate Website.

- What if I have more questions involving student activities and funding?

Please contact the Student Senate Treasurer, Shawn Reap


B.A.C. Guidelines

-Member dues and fundraising should be highly encouraged.


-Food should only be provided for on campus events.


-Club apparel will only be funded if it is used for a length of time.


- Clubs and organizations should have 4 people to a room on overnight trips.

- Clubs should provide the committee with supporting evidence for various trip costs. (Hotel prices, travel prices, event admission cost, etc.)


- For driving expenses a going rate of 50.5 cents per mile will apply.


*Note: These are only guidelines and are subject to interpretation and change by the committee.