Institutes and Centers

Academic Centers and Institutes


The Office of Academic Community Engagement promotes, develops, and supports connecting Siena students, faculty, and staff with the greater New York State Capital Region and beyond through academically grounded, sustainable, developmental, multifaceted, community partnerships in the tradition of St. Francis. Placing the creation and acquisition of knowledge in dialogue with the needs of the greater community echoes the life of St. Francis and is an essential part of the unique character of a Siena College education. The Office of Academic Community Engagement supports the campus culture of service at Siena and strives to include a diversity of voices in all we do.

The Globalization Studies Program serves as a catalyst for campus and community discussion of various features of globalization in many ways. We provide a forum for students returning from international experiences and a venue for discussing scholarship on globalization. We also seek to raise campus and community awareness through its speakers' series.
The Center for Global Financial Studies (CGFS) promotes scholarship in the interest of identifying, pursuing, acquiring and disseminating empirical and practical research related to global financial issues, and follows Siena’s tradition of excellence in teaching by supporting student learning, research and networking with professionals in the financial services area.
The McCormick Center for the Study of the American Revolution fosters greater appreciation, interest, and awareness of the events and ideals behind the struggle for American independence. Students engage in utilizing the region’s rich historical resources, including unique resources made available by the Saratoga National Historical Park and Battlefield.   For the Siena community and general public, the Center will offer programs to encourage exploration and understanding of the Revolutionary Era in upstate New York.
The Center is governed by a collaborative Board comprised of members of the Department of Political Science, the Political Science Society, and the Siena Research Institute (SRI), our nationally recognized public opinion research center. The Center serves as a resource of information, a facilitator for promoting ideas and examining government, a catalyst for student directed and generated research on government issues, and a disseminator of program outcomes through presentation of journal articles, news releases, interviews, seminars, conferences and workshops.
The Franciscan Center for Catholic Studies (FCCS) is an academic initiative of Siena College that provides members of the College and residents of the capital region a forum for exploring Catholicism in its historical, sociological, liturgical, and doctrinal complexity. In keeping with the Franciscan orientation of the college, the FCCS highlights certain dimensions of Catholicism's past and present embodiments.  To support this mission, the FCCS sponsors or co-sponsors speakers; conferences; colloquia; and theatrical, musical, and fine arts events.
The Kieval Institute’s programs bring the Franciscan vision of the college to life. The institute creates a learning atmosphere in which the wealth of human diversity can be celebrated on campus. The institute provides programming that improves the academic environment for Jewish faculty and students by making research funds available, improving the library's holdings and by bringing major scholars to the campus.
The Siena College Institute for Artificial Intelligence (SCIAI) will foster interdisciplinary relationships among faculty in order to foster research in a broad range of Artificial Intelligence activities. Additionally, SCIAI aims to promote educational activities at Siena College and also to build an external network for increasing public understanding of AI. One of our goals is to disseminate best practices for improving the teaching and training of AI practitioners and to increase awareness of ethical issues and societal impacts in the use of AI technology. As part of our outreach, we provide guidance for government and businesses on the practical application of current AI technologies and the potential for future developments. 
A unique undergraduate learning experience in which students focus on the work of a major contemporary philosopher in a yearlong program, integrating a seminar, team taught by Siena faculty and an external scholar; a public lecture series, including talks by the featured philosopher and by prominent scholars on convergent themes; and personal encounters with the featured philosopher.

Campus Centers and Institutes

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary program focused on business creation from idea development through commercialization. The Center’s primary focus is on student businesses. Innovation and Entrepreneurship are two necessary, but distinctly different capabilities needed in creating new businesses. The Center will manage the maturation of an idea into a real business entity through a Process of Innovate-Create-Accelerate.

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity was created as a means to expand high impact practices that promote student engagement and innovative learning leading to student acheivement. CURCA seeks to increase the number and quality of faculty-student mentored research through independent studies and summer research. CURCA seeks to make undergraduate research and scholarship opportunities available to as many students as possible across the curriculum.

The Center for Urban Education is concerned with promoting and implementing programs that contribute to positive developmental outcomes for urban youth who attend low-performing schools or live in high-risk communities.  Its methods include the identification, support, and development of youth programs that improve the lives of urban teenagers. An important focus of the Center for Urban Education is on establishing and evaluating faith-based programs for talented urban youth.
Rooted in the Franciscan tradition of service and informed by the themes of Catholic Social Thought, the Franciscan Center for Service and Advocacy creates formative educational opportunities for students through a process in which classroom learning is integrated with hands on service among the poor and marginalized.
The Institute for Leadership and Development develops and administers cost effective leadership training programs for organizations in the Capital Region and beyond.
The Institute utilizes the expertise of Siena College faculty members to provide:
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Building / Trust
  • Communications
  • Executive Coaching


The Reinhold Niebuhr Institute of Religion and Culture, an interdisciplinary, ecumenical, and interfaith community- oriented program, is named in honor of Reinhold Niebuhr, the 20th century Protestant theologian who spent a lifetime exploring the implications of religious faith for the public order. It sponsors lectures, workshops, and discussions on topics in which the interests of religion, culture, ethics, and society intersect. In recent years these have included nuclear disarmament, ecological justice, economic justice, interracial justice, and gender and society.
The Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King Lecture Series on Race and Nonviolent Social Change was established by Siena College in 1988 to preserve the legacy of the nonviolent human rights movement as it was expressed in the life and teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. and has been continued after his death by Coretta Scott King.
The Bowman Center for Women provides leadership and education to members of the Siena College community by promoting awareness about social justice issues. It works to create a more informed and active campus community that takes part in its many service and advocacy opportunities. Through programming it promotes the personal, professional and spiritual development of women at Siena.
Siena Research Institute (Siena Poll)
Founded in 1980 at Siena College in New York's Capital District, the Siena Research Institute (SRI) conducts regional, statewide and national surveys on business, economic, political, voter, social, academic and historical issues. The surveys include both expert and public opinion polls. SRI conducts the Siena New York Poll, a monthly snapshot poll of registered voters from throughout New York State on timely political topics, and the New York State Consumer Confidence Index, a monthly look at New Yorkers’ willingness to spend. SRI also produces a quarterly consumer confidence for the regions around Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, New York City, Rochester and Syracuse.