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  • James C. Harrison
    Professor of History
    Kiernan Hall 228

Suggested Course Sequence--History Education Majors


History Education Suggested Course Sequence
Suggested sequence for History Education majors. This only works for those entering Siena already intent on majoring in History.   Admission to the program requires a 2.9 overall gpa and 3.1 in History in addition to 3.0 in Education courses. Students must apply to the Education Department for admission to student teaching in their junior year. 
Fall      HIST 101/HIST 190 (CDE)                 Spring             HIST 201
            FOUN100                                                                   FOUN105
            Language                                                                      Language
            Political Science (CAS)                                                ENGL011 (CDE)
            Sociology (CAS)                                                          HIST
                                                                                                Total History Credits: 9
Fall      HIST202                                             Spring              HIST
            HIST203                                                                      HIST204
            Philosophy (CDP)                                                        RELG (CDR)
            Educ210                                                                      Educ260
            Math/Science (CAN or CDR)                                      Math/Science (CAN or CDR)
                                                                                                Total History Credits: 12
                                                                                                Cumulative total: 21
Fall    HIST 327                                           Spring                 HIST 290
           HIST                                                                             HIST
           Math/Science (CAN or CDR)                                       Economics102
           Ed261                                                                           2 Area requirements [CAL,                                                                      
           Aesthetic (CAA)                                                          CAH (cannot be a history 
                                                                                                 course), CAR, CAP]
                                                                                                 Total History Credits: 12
                                                                                                Cumulative total: 33
Fall      HIST499                                         Spring                 
             HIST                                                                           5 electives (Stud Teach)
             3 electives                         
                                                                                                Total History Credits: 6
                                                                                                Cumulative total: 39
Student teaching is done either the Fall or Spring Semester of the senior year; Hist 499 is taken in the other semester of the senior year. HIST 290 must be taken the spring semester of the junior year.   Student teaching fulfills HIST 110 requirement.
Three hours of the European History requirement must not be in Ancient History.