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  • James C. Harrison
    Professor of History
    Kiernan Hall 228

HIST110: The Historian's Experience

HIST110 is GRADUATION REQUIREMENT for History Majors. It is a zero-credit requirement that all History Majors experience at least fifteen hours of "history outside the classroom."  This is a P/F course for 0 credits, and thus no tuition or fees are charged.


1) HIST110 must be completed by graduation.

2)  Register for HIST110 online when you register for your other classes.  You may register for HIST110 the semester you intend to complete this requirement or afterward. There is no tuition or fee. Your adviser will input a grade of "P" for pass once you have completed the requirement, including the necessary forms. (HIST110 Forms).

2) Determine with your academic adviser if you have already satisfied this requirement.   Some ways in which HIST110 may already be satisfied include the following, all of which must be completed after beginning your Siena career: 

  • A three-credit internship (HIST480 or AMST480) in History or American Studies.
  • A history course that includes a significant "outside the classroom" requirementsuch as a service learning project or public history activity. 
  • Student teaching for a semester as part of the education program.
  • Studying abroad or taking a history course with a significant travel component.
  • An extended volunteer experience with a museum or public history site.

All HIST110 experiences must be pre-approved. Please DO NOT ASSUME what may count for HIST110. See your academic adviser for more details.

How to get credit for HIST110
  • Please inform your academic advisor where, how, and when you plan to complete your HIST110 requirement.
  • At the end of your 15 hours, complete and submit the HIST110 Forms to your academic advisor.
CURRENT OPPORTUNITIES TO COMPLETE YOUR HIST110 REQUIREMENT: Please make arrangements with the museums and historic sites on your own by contacting them via the phone number or Email address provided.  Each of the sites below has been informed of Siena's HIST110 credit and will be expecting to hear from Siena history majors. 
Shaker Heritage Society (closest to Siena): This was the site of the original Shaker settlement in American in 1776. They need students to help with two projects: A) Document the Society's photograph collection: Students can enter descriptions of our photograph collection into our PastPerfect database and enter any other information that we have in our files re: the collection. They already have scans of many of the photos. If time permits, the scans should be uploaded into the database; B) Catalog the library collection: This would include listing all books, pamphlets and other reference documents into an excel spreadsheet. If time permits, the student could also create a form for staff and volunteers to use to track who is using specific items (like a check out form). If we wanted to add a greater dimension to the project, we could ask them to search Google Books etc. and list all available on-line books related to the Watervliet site. It would be nice to have information about where one can find collections of information about the Watervliet site on-line and to include a list of libraries and archives with significant holdings (I can provide direction for this)
Working with Mr. Don Rittner, Schenectady County & City Historian, Schenectady Film Commission: A) County wide Historic Resources Database: to take photos of the building and sites listed in the database and also describe their condition, B) Schenectady City Directory database: copying the city directories from the 19th century so we can create an online database.
C) Archeological excavations. Going to dig up four different sites, D) Stockade inventory. A photography inventory of all the houses in the historic stockade of Schenectady.
Working with Mr. Chris Hunter, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions, Schenectady Museum & Suits-Bueche Planetarium. This is archival work helping to digitize documents, which include the important General Electric archives.)
Saratoga County Historical Society, Ballston Spa. (Brookside Museum) They need assistance with their photograph collection, basically making sure that the list of what is supposed to be in the boxes is correct, and making necessary adjustments.
  • HIST110: Data entry from one program to another.
  • USS Slater always happy to take interns, who are generally tour guides.
  • USS Slater also often has paid positions, especially in the summer.
 Schenectady County Historical Society
  • Creating finding aids for the research library.
  •  Assisting with the Spring History Fair.