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Comments from Biology Alumni

Susanna Park '93
Resident in Obstetrics/Gynecology, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

I thought that the Biology Department at Siena was excellent. The professors were always willing to provide individual attention, displayed that they truly cared about the students and provided high quality lessons. My biology education at Siena provided me with an advantage in medical school because it encouraged thinking, rather than just rote memorization and reminded me (through the genuine kindness of the professors) why I chose to become a physician.

Gennady Bratslavsky '95
Medical Student, Albany Medical College

The biology program at Siena College was not just a regular dry experience of learning from textbooks or boring lectures, but rather a joyful time of active participation in various independent projects and research which both complemented lecture material and strengthened our knowledge. Especially now, being a medical student and a co-author of a few scientific publications, I can more than ever appreciate to the full extent the degree and quality of teaching and preparation at Siena College.

Michael Resavy '93
Professional Sales Representative, Merck and Company, Inc.

All Colleges offer an education. Siena offers an exceptional education as well as the necessary environment for personal growth. My experience was very positive. I was not a genius and struggled through some tough science courses. However, I had the support of each and every faculty member when I needed it. The education was not only exceptional but offered the personal touch that is lacking in many institutions.

Diane Weir '89
Physical Therapist

I became a biology major much "later" than most - I switched from "undecided" to biology halfway through my sophomore year. It was a challenging and often draining two and a half years, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I remember feeling I'd never do it, but having professors who truly cared and took the time to help (not only in class or lab) is what helped me do so well.

Jane Jackson, 79

The aspects of the biology program which I think were the most beneficial for a career in basic science were 1) the course selection provided a broad education in the biological sciences, 2) most courses provided valuable laboratory experiences, 3) professors included the reading and evaluation of original research papers as part of their lectures, and 4) availability of the faculty for students to ask questions and discuss career options.

Michael Bywater, 85

A major in Biology provided me with a solid background in the basic sciences as well as problem solving techniques. The liberal arts core curriculum built a solid foundation in preparation for a myriad of health professions, including optometry.

Catherine Nichter Mullholand '94
Biology Teacher, East Syracuse-Minoa High School

I have had teachers commend me on my content knowledge. I feel very comfortable in front of a class - questions kids ask do not usually throw me for a loop. I would recommend the Biology program at Siena to any of my students or anyone who asks me about the program. Obtaining a liberal arts education is important because it allows me to relate to people who have chosen a career path different from my own. It helped me realize that my decision to go into biology was a sound one because I was given a chance to explore other areas while at Siena.