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Religious Studies Faculty Projects

Dr. Michael Dick

  • Dr. Dick has been asked to teach a Ph.D. seminar on the "Theologies of Creation in the Ancient Near East" at Princeton Theological Seminary in Spring 2013.
  • Univerzita Karlova v Praze Evangelická Theologická Fakulta, Spring 2010: Dr. Dick was Visiting Professor of Hebrew Bible in Prague, where he taught a PhD. Seminar on Northwest Semitic Inscriptions and a M.A. class in the Evolution of Monotheism in Israel.
  • In 2008, Dr. Dick publshed Reading the Old Testament:  An Inductive Introduction with CD-ROM exercises. (Hendrickson Publishers)
  • Dr. Dick has submitted six articles for the new Cambridge Dictionary of Ancient Religions.
  • For more of Dr. Dick's projects, see his own project page.

Dr. Holly Grieco

  • In 2011, Dr. Grieco had a chapter included in a volume on mendicant identities in the Middle Ages: "Pastoral Care, Inquisition, and Mendicancy in the Medieval Franciscan Order,” in The Origin, Development, and Refinement of Medieval Mendicant Identities ed. Donald S. Prudlo. (Leiden: Brill, 2011) 117-155.
  • Dr. Grieco is currently finishing an article for publication entitled “The Boy Bishop and the ‘Uncanonized Saint’: St. Louis of Anjou, Peter Olivi, and Models of Franciscan Spirituality in the Fourteenth Century.”
  • In May 2011, Dr. Grieco presented a paper at the Forty-Sixth International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, MI. The paper was entitled “Locating the Sanctity of Louis of Anjou: The Development of the Cult of a 14th-Century Franciscan Saint.”
  • At the same conference, she also organized a session with Janine Larmon Peterson of Marist College on “Constructing Sacred Spaces and Worldly Authority: From Interior Spiritual Refuge to Empire, 12th-16th Centuries.”
  • Courses offered, Fall 2011: Religion in Western Culture; The Franciscan Tradition

Fr. Linh Hoang, O.F.M., Ph.D.

  • Fr. Linh's current research is on a Theology of Migration. He currently serves as the convener for the Catholic Theological Society of America’s (CTSA) interest group—A Theology of Migration. It is a working group that brings together scholars who are working on issues in this area. He will be serving as a convener for the next three years. He also presented a paper entitled “Strangers with Borders” last June, 2009 at the CTSA convention in Halifax, Nova Scotia which was his initial contribution to the ongoing discussion of a theology of migration.
  • Fr. Linh retains his primary area of research on Asian American Catholics. He published an article in 2009 in New Theology Review on the issue of differences in generational practices among Asian American Catholics. He wrote a chapter—Asian American Catholics—in a book on American Catholicism published by Fordham University Press that was published in spring 2010.
  • Courses offered, Fall 2011 Experiences of the Sacred; World Religions

Fr. Dennis Tamburello, O.F.M., Ph.D.

  • Having completed a seven year term on the team of the official Reformed-Roman Catholic Dialogue in the USA (2003-2010), Fr. Dennis is now working for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops with ADL's Bearing Witness Program, which trains Catholic middle and high school educators in presenting Judaism, Catholic-Jewish relations, and the Holocaust. Fr. Dennis accompanied the Advanced program participants on a trip to Israel this summer.
  • Fr. Dennis is working on a new book for Paulist Press, 101 Questions and Answers on the Reformation, due around 2014. He is also working on three articles for the forthcoming New Westminster Dictionary of Theology from Westminster John Knox Press.
  • Fr. Dennis just completed an essay on "The Protestant Reformers and Mysticism," which will be published in the forthcoming book The Blackwell Companion to Christian Mysticism. edited by Julia A. Lamm (expected in 2012).
  • In January 2012, Fr. Dennis will be presenting at the annual Worship Symposium at Calvin Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids MI.
  • Courses offered, Fall 2011: Intro to Religious Thought and Sacramental Theology

Dr. Peter Zaas

  • Dr. Zaas continues to research the birth story in Matthew's gospel.
  • Courses offered, Fall 2011: Introduction to Biblical Studies; Paul and the Rise of the Christian Church (honors)

Dr. Fareed Munir

  • Completion of Manuscript: Entitled, An American Islamic Journey: Warith Deen Mohammad Beyond the Boundary of the Nation of Islam
  • Conference: Boston College Symposia on Interreligious Dialogue
    Interreligious Dialogue and the Cultural Shaping of Religions
    Paper Presentation and Panel: Islam in America: The Evolution of the African and African American Islamic Sacred Cosmos

    SEPTEMBER 22-24, 2011
  • Seminar (for Graduate Students)
    Drew Theological Seminary (New Jersey)
    Intensive course in the God-Talk Project at Drew Theological Seminary
    Title: "God Talk with Black Thinkers: Christianity and Islam - African American Perspectives in Dialogue"
    Drew University’s Blurb:
    The project is an interdisciplinary series of intensive courses taught by the best African-American intellectuals from across the country. To date, Drew Theological Seminary students have been exposed to such thinkers as: Delores Williams, Carlyle Fielding Stewart III. Cheryl Kirk-Duggan, Karen Baker-Fletcher, Vincent Harding, Arthur Jones, Feminand Jones, Gwinyai H. Muzorewa, James Cone, Stacey & Juan Floyd-Thomas, Zan Holmes, Carol Duncan, Alton Pollard, Anthony Pinn, Stephen Ray, Shawn Copeland, Fred Smith, Ronald Peters, Carolyn Medine, Iva Carruthers. And, Dr. Munir, we welcome you to our community. 
    Summary of Seminar: This course will engage students in theological and sociological discourse on the historical dynamics and intersections of the Black church, liberation theology and Islam in the prophetic witness for social justice in America; to further examine and explore disparate and similar perspectives and theological frameworks within and between Christianity and Islam as related to contemporary issues and contexts of racism, classism, sexism, and gender orientation; to extend students understanding of both the role of Christianity and Islam in the African Diaspora and African continent and its implications for current global events, U.S. foreign policies and interfaith dialogue.
    October 7-8, then October 14-15,
  • Courses offered, Fall 2011: Religion in Western Culture; Field Experience: Trinidad and Religion