Department Chair

  • Dean Amadio
    Associate Professor of Psychology
    Roger Bacon 403
    (518) 782-6768

Internships Procedures for Faculty

  1. At the beginning of each semester, the internship coordinator that semester will send out an e-mail to all psychology majors announcing the date and procedures for applications for the internship for the coming semester.
  1. All faculty should also announce the availability of the psychology internship to classes with junior and senior psychology majors. Students should be told that they can obtain the application form and information from the Psychology Department's Internships Website. It is also recommended that the deadline for applications be mentioned to students when this announcement is made.  Applications can be turned in to the Internship Coordinator any time before the submission deadline.
  1. The Internship Coordinator will distribute the names of students who have applied for internships.
  1. In the application materials, students will have been directed to contact the internship coordinator after the department meeting to learn whether or not they have been accepted for an internship. Faculty members should refer any inquiries from students regarding their status to the Internship Coordinator, who will inform students of the faculty’s decision.
  1. Students who have been accepted for the internship will receive further instructions from the Internship Coordinator on how to proceed in attaining an internship site.
  1. Students, who have been accepted for an internship, will be given permission of instructor to register for PSYC480 Internship in Psychology.