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  • Dean Amadio
    Associate Professor of Psychology
    Roger Bacon 403
    (518) 782-6768

List of Internship Sites

Research Internships 

  • Siena Research Institute
  • The Child Study Center

Adult Treatment / Mental Illness

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness - NYS (NAMI)
  • Northeast Health
  • RSS PROS Progam 
  • RSS Pie in the Sky Bakery
  • RSS Residential Programs
  • Behavioral Health Recovery Center
  • St. Mary's Healthcare Mental Health Adult Clinic (MHAC)

Alcohol/Drug Treatment

  • Hope House
  • St. Mary's Promise Program

Child Treatment

  • Center for Child Study
  • Northeast Parent & Child Society
  • Parsons Child and Family Center

Domestic Violence

  • Domestic Violence / Rape Crisis Services
  • Equinox Domestic Violence Services

I/O Vocational Counseling

  • McKenna and Associates Outplacement International
  • Human Resources Associates

School Counseling / School Psychology

  • North Colonie Central School District



National Alliance on Mental Illness - NYS (NAMI)

Type of Setting  Adult Clinical
Phone: 462-2000 x100
Contact person: Sharon Clairmont
Mission: The purpose of the NAMI-New York State shall be to serve as an alliance of local mutual support, advocacy, self-help groups and individual members at-large dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with serious mental illness and to the eventual eradication of the severe effects of mental illnesses.What we do: Public Education and Information Activities; Peer Education and Support; Raising Awareness and Fighting Stigma; State and Federal Advocacy
Responsibilities of Interns: Answering calls on the NAMI helpline; participating in organization outreach efforts (mailing brochures, helping to prepare for upcoming legislative conferenc,e etc.); volunteering as a resource person for NAMI support group

Northeast Health

Type of Setting  Adult Clinical
Phone  271-3539
Contact Person Scarlett Clement-Buffolino 
Responsibilities  Northeast Health incorporates two hospitals, Samaritan and Albany Memorial, along with the Eddy nursing facility.  Within Samaritan Hospital, there is a behavioral health unit consisting of eight programs providing a variety of mental health services, including inpatient, crisis, and outpatient units.  Interns may be placed within one of these eight units.

Rehabilitation Support Services PROS Program

Type of Setting  Clinical
Phone  462-1094
Contact Person  Andy Sink
Address  314 Central Avenue (at Quail)Albany, NY
Goals of Organization  RSS offers a variety of residential, psychiatric, and psychoeducational services.  The continuing day treatment program assists clients, most of whom have a major mental illness, to develop skills and gain support for their transitions into society.  The program provides groups which focus on specific areas of functioning, including social skills and daily living.
Responsibilities  Past interns have co-facilitated groups, participated in the milieu, and interacted informally with clients.
Comments  Provides a good introduction to working with the chronically mentally ill, group work, and the day treatment model.

Rehabilitation Support Services Pie in the Sky Bakery

Type of Setting  Clinical
Phone  462-1094
Contact Person  Andy Sink or Sharon Ballinger
Address  314 Central Avenue (at Quail)Albany, NY
Goals of Organization  RSS offers a variety of residential, psychiatric, and psychoeducational services.  Pie in the Sky Bakery is a unique vocational training program serving chronically mentally disabled adults.  The Bakery offers training in a variety of skills including baking, retail sales, short order cook, and waiter/waitress.  Services available include individual and group counseling, vocational assessment, job placement, and follow-up.  The program is designed to be as much like competitive work possible while offering support, guidance, and training necessary to promote growth.
Responsibilities  The following opportunities are available to the intern: 1) Provide individual counseling (and/or group counseling) addressing vocationally related issues; 2) Develop evaluation/assessment skills utilizing interest, aptitude, achievement, temperament batteries as well as some computerized materials; 3) participate in job placement and follow-up; 4) develop goals and specific plans with clients, as well as report-writing skills, generally in the form of progress notes.
Comments  No interns have been place here recently, but RSS generally provides good internship experiences.

Rehabilitation Support Services Residential Programs

Type of Setting  Clinical
Phone  462-1094
Contact Person  Lori Roop
Address  314 Central Avenue (at Quail)Albany, NY
Direct Supervisor  Depends on placement
Address  747 Madison AvenueAlbany, NY 12208
Goals of Organization  To provide supportive living for seriously and persistently mentally ill (SPMI) persons in order to help the individual re-integrate into the community.
Responsibilities  Learning about the experiences of the SPMI; actual responsibilities depend upon the interests and motivation of the intern.  The intern may become involved in groups, one-to-one relationships with clients, or community organizing.
Comments  Interns may choose to work at a number of sites -- the residential program, community residence, or apartment program.  An excellent experience for those interested in the seriously and persistently mentally ill and clinical/community psychology.

Behavioral Healthy Recovery Center

Type of Setting  Clinical
Phone  626-5306;
Contact Person  Nick Pazienza, Ph.D.
Address  113 Holland Ave., Albany, NY
Goals of Organization  This is a VA program that is held off the hospital grounds.  It is acommunity-based psychosocial rehabiliation program that is less structured than a day treatment setting, offering a variety of modalities including home visits, milieu therapy, and groups.
Responsibilities  Students have not yet begun working in this setting.  However, the program director has indicated that the student may be able to perform a variety of clinical functions, including co-facilitator of groups.
Comments  This setting would provide an excellent introduction to work with chronic mentally ill individuals, as well as exposure to a community-based treatment model.

St. Mary’s Healthcare Mental Health Adult Clinic (MHAC)
Type of Setting  Clinical
Phone  841-7423
Contact Person  Roberto Ochoa, Psy.D.
Address  427 Guy Park Ave., Amsterdam NY, 12010
Goals of Organization  The clinic provides outpatient mental health services (diagnosis and treatment) to adults 18 years of age and older who reside in Montgomery County. Client problems range from mild to chronic.  The outpatient clinic is located on the same floor as our inpatient unit, which will permit the student some exposure to working with inpatients. The student will also an opportunity to observe the crisis team at work in the emergency room.
Responsibilities  Past interns have participated in quality improvement research (data gathering, administering questionnaires to outpatients and inpatients), data entry, co-facilitated outpatient and inpatient groups, attended weekly staff meetings, case conferences, behavioral health trainings including verbal escalation and crisis intervention, and observation of psychotherapy sessions with a client’s permission.
Comments  Provides a good introduction to working with the chronically mentally ill, group work, and the day treatment model.

Hope House (Hill House)
Type of Setting  Clinical / Adolescent
Phone  482-4673
Contact Person  Kevin Connelly
Address  517 Western AvenueAlbany, NY 12203
Goals of Organization  Hill House is designed to meet the special treatment and developmental needs of adolescents under the age of sixteen.  It provides a balanced program that integrates school, physical exercise, personal time, and outings with each resident's individual treatment plan.  Treatment is based on the twelve-step model of Alcoholics Anonymous.
Responsibilities  This is a new setting, so intern responsibilities have not been established.

St. Mary's Promise Program
Type of Setting: Clinical/Adult
Phone: 841-3751
Contact Person Kathy Paton
Address Amsterdam, NY
Goals of the Organization The PROMIS Program, located on the campus of St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam, NY, serves adults with chronic mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders, many of whom are dually-diagnosed. Interns have the opportunity to help co-facilitate groups, interact with clients, and engage in other meaningful clinical activities.
Responsibilties This is a new setting, so intern responsibilities have not been established.

Center for Child Study

Type of Setting  School
Phone  584-5000 or 580-5470
Contact Person  Karen Brakett, Coordinator
Direct Supervisor  Depends on placement; probably one of the classroom teachers
Address  Early Childhood Center, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY 12861
Goals of Organization  Direct services to families and children.  The program focuses on enhancing the child's physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development.  The Center conducts research and disseminates information on innovative educational practices.  The age of children is 3-5 years.
Responsibilities  Observation of and work with children in the classroom setting; identifying relevant educational goals for children in collaboration with teachers; participation in classroom team meetings with staff, consulting psychologist, and program coordinator.
Comments  The intern has rather limited access to the consulting school psychologist and will have most contact with educational personnel.  However, the experience would be a good one for an intern interested in child and school psychology.

Northeast Parent & Child Society

Type of Setting  Clinical / Child
Phone  372-4100 ext. 233
Contact Person  Stephen Opela
Direct Supervisor  same
Address  120 Park AvenueSchenectady, NY 12304-4025
Goals of Organization  NE Parent & Child Society helps adolescents who have been abused, neglected, or troubled by emotional handicaps or severe learning disabilities.  NE provides therapeutic services in the form of residential, educational, and community-based programs to the kids as well as to their families.
Responsibilities  A wide range of experiences should be available at this site.  The intern should discuss his or her particular interests with the supervisor.

Parsons Child and Family Center

Type of Setting  Clinical / Child
Phone  518-426-2864 or 518-426-2600
Contact Person  Fran Altshule, Director of Student Interns and Volunteers
Direct Supervisor  Depends on intern's placement within Parsons
Address  845 Central Avenue / 60 Academy RoadAlbany, NY
Goals of Organization  Parsons serves the needs of children with a wide range of emotional, behavioral, and psychiatric problems.  It offers residential, educational, psychological, and behavioral management services.
Responsibilities  There are four major placements within Parsons that are available to interns: classrooms, group homes, cottages, and Healy House.  For details on the various placements and responsibilities associated with them, contact Nathaniel Bracey who will refer you to the appropriate supervisor(s).
Comments  If prospective interns wish to have their choice of placements within this site, it is important that they contact Parsons as early as possible in the semester prior to the placement.  It is important to research the various possible positions at the site and to request the one that is of greatest interest.  Several Siena interns may be placed at this site during a given semester.

Domestic Violence / Rape Crisis Services

Type of Setting  Clinical
Phone  583-0280
Contact Person  Irene Safford
Address  480 Broadway, Suite LL20Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Goals of Organization  To provide emergency services to Saratoga County residents who are victims of domestic violence, and to provide educational and other services aimed at preventing further violent incidents.  To maintain a shelter for battered women and their children, staff a crisis hotline, serve as client advocates with the courts and Department of Social Services, provide supportive services to victims and educational programs in schools, churches, and other agencies; to provide rape/sexual assault crisis services.
Responsibilities Complete volunteer training program.  Advocacy for clients with Family Court and Department of Social Services.  Some hotline and shelter coverage.  Participation in educational programs and speaking engagements.  Specific responsibilities can be tailored to meet the needs and interests of individual interns.

Equinox Domestic Violence Services

Type of Setting  Clinical
Phone  434-6135
Contact Person  Kathleen Magee
Address  306 Central AvenueAlbany, NY 12206
Goals of Organization  Equinox Domestic Violence Services offers counseling and support groups for sheltered and non-sheltered clients.  Counseling focuses on empowering individuals to help them develop choices, explore options for violence free living, develop support systems, and build self-confidence.  Equinox operates a 15-bed emergency shelter for women and their children.

McKenna and Associates Outplacement International

Name: McKenna & Associates - OI Partners, Inc
Phone 518-867-3500 x 11
Contact Person:  Tom McKenna, MA, MSW, LCSW
Address: 423 New Karner Road, Albany, NY 12205
Goals of Organization: To offer sensitive and structured Outplacement services to companies who are laying off their employees.  To work with those affected individuals to find new, and sometimes better employment.  We employ testing to determine the personality and interests of the candidate along with Career Planning, Resume Building, Implementing a marketing plan and helping with salary negotiations for the new organization.  We have been doing this for over 20 years.
Responsibilities: To learn career theory, score tests, assist with individuals, groups and other related professional duties.  Student  may elect to design his own Professional Resume and ask for assistance in finding a job after graduation.  In addition, there will be busy work including filing, typing and answering phones.
Comments: This is a non paid position, but the students may be allowed access to implement a marketing plan to secure a job/position.  Professional dress required, casual in the summer.

Human Resources Associates

Type of Setting  Industrial / Organizational
Phone  434-1799 ext. 107
Contact Person  Dr. Robert WishnoffPresident
Direct Supervisor  same
Address  105 South Lake AvenueAlbany, NY 12208
Goals of Organization  To systematically obtain the thoughts, attitudes, perceptions, and actions of the personnel of an organization in order to help plan organizational changes that will improve the overall health and effectiveness of an organization.  To provide psychological services to corporations.
Responsibilities  The intern develops and arranges for supervision on a project of his or her own choosing.  The project may be related to any number of I/O-related topics, e.g., the development of morale-building program for employees, and is subject to the approval of the supervisor.
Comments  This is an excellent opportunity for the intern interested in I/O psychology who wishes to learn about the interface between psychology and the corporate world and who would like to make corporate contacts.

North Colonie Central School District

Type of Setting School
Phone  785-0222 x4311
Contact Person  Dr. Carrie Trimarchi (Boght Hills Elementary) 785-0222 x4311 (Coordinates for all school placements in NCSD)
Address  Department of Pupil Services, Shaker High School, Latham, NY
Goals of Organization  Aims to provide counseling and/or psychological services to district school-aged population; consults with parents, teachers, and administrators on students' needs.
Responsibilities School Psychology: 1. Screening for learning enrichment (e.g., gifted) program; 2. Performing psychological and educational testing, under supervision (e.g., WISC-III); 3. Classroom observations; testing observations. School Counseling 1. Observing individual and group counseling; 2. Attending staff and teacher conferences; 3. Interacting informally with students; 4. Assisting in developing IEPs (Individual Education Plans).
Comments Students may be placed in one of the district's elementary schools or may work at the junior high or high school.  Much of the school psychology responsibilities are testing-related.  For example, the intern may administer subscales of the WISC-III or other psychological or educational tests or may observe the psychologist or graduate students.  Relatively little direct clinical contact is involved.  The school psychology experience is especially helpful for students interested in school psychology, whereas the school counseling experience is helpful for students interested in school/guidance counseling.





Siena Research Institute

Type of Setting Social Research
Phone  783-2901
Contact Person  Don Levy
Site Goals & Intern Responsibilities   SRI is a multidisciplinary research institute that investigates social, political, economic and cultural subjects as academic research, as a public service and in many cases for private clients.  Although the predominant vehicle used for data collection is telephone interviews, SRI also conducts web-based surveys and interviews, focus groups, and analysis of secondary sources.  Of late SRI has researched consumer confidence, NY state politics, religiosity, sports fanship, alternative energy, health care, education and a host of other topics.  Students working as interns would serve as either a project manager or assistant project manager on a specific study.  As such they would participate in conceptualizing the project, research design, and all aspects of operationalization as well as ultimately analysis and presentation.  Students must be organized and committed and of course able to adhere to customary research ethical practices.  On a day to day basis interns will meet with their supervisor, report on their research or implementation progress, supervise student workers and track their progress.  Each intern will keep a daily log of all aspects of their work as well as electronic and hard copy records of all documents and data.

The Child Study Center

Type of Setting  Research
Phone  442-3780
Contact Person  Kevin Quinn ( or Frank Vellutino, Ph.D. (
Address  SUNY AlbanyAlbany, NY
Goals of Organization  Dr. Vellutino is a clinician-turned-researcher who conducts a research program with children at SUNY Albany.
Responsibilities  The intern would perform primarily research-related activities, including coding of children's language samples and perhaps observations of clinical evaluations of children.  Students would learn vicariously, at least, to assess children along some dimensions and would also learn coding schemes and about other phases of the research process.
Comments  This is not a clinically-oriented placement, but it is particularly appropriate for the intern interested in child development and in gaining hands-on research experience.