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Siena Success: Katie Marino '13

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

By Chelsea Platt '13

As the senior event coordinator for the Franciscan Center for Service and Advocacy (FCSA), Katie Marino ’13 can often be found organizing charitable causes and rallying the campus to join in her efforts. The actuarial science major’s hard work has paid off as she just secured her “dream job” with The Travelers Insurance Company as a Pricing Analyst in the Product, Pricing, Development Program.

"I'm on cloud nine right now. I couldn't be happier,” Marino said. “I guess all of these late nights in the library studying combined with my work with the Franciscan Center was worth it.”

Last semester was her busiest to date as she coordinated the Franciscan Giving Tree gift drive which donated 2,000 gifts to  more than 20 local agencies. She also spearheaded a campus-wide effort to rally clubs and offices to join the Saints for Sandy initiative which raised $1,600 for the American Red Cross Albany Chapter. Another $1,500 bonus dollars from student meal plans were collected to purchase items for two Franciscan parishes in New Jersey.

This type of work is something that Marino wanted to do as soon as she stepped foot on campus. During her freshman orientation, she was inspired to volunteer at the FCSA because of a presentation facilitated by Alexandra Georgieva ’12, a social work major who discussed the opportunities available.

As a freshman FCSA work-study student, Marino learned how to organize events that require a large group of people working together. Shortly after, she was promoted to events coordinator. Passionate about helping others and making a difference, she excelled and gained more responsibility under the mentorship of Judy Dougherty ’06, associate director of the FCSA.

“She has been one of the most dedicated and hard working students we have ever had in the Franciscan Center,”Dougherty said. “It has been an honor to work with Katie and all students who are so giving and understand our Franciscan mission.”

By her junior year, Marino began to train new students in the FCSA and created a solid team of event coordinators in the office. Although there are many hands helping to prepare for these service projects, Marino oversees the events to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

“I have been very fortunate to have these opportunities at Siena and I feel confident that this experience will help me with my career,” Marino said. “I will never forget the values and lessons learned from my time here at Siena. It truly has prepared me for my next stage in life,” she said. Her dedication and generosity have helped those in need prepare for their futures too.

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