Registration for Fall : School of Business

Your First Semester as a School of Business Student


School of Business students usually take five classes in their first semester - six classes if they are registered in the one credit CSIS 011.

All students will also be registered in their First Year Seminar class.

In addition to Freshman Seminar 100, all School of Business students take the following two courses – Micro Economics (ECON 101) and Math For Decision Making I (QBUS 100). These are required classes that are also Siena Core classes taken by all School of Business freshman.

(Be sure to let us know if you have College credit for Micro Economics as we will place you in a different class)

Spreadsheet Requirement

All School of Business Students are required to demonstrate a facility in using the Excel2007 spreadsheet application.

Some students will be registered in CSIS 010 or CSIS 011. Either CSIS 010 or 011 fulfills the School of Business requirement in this area.

Students will have the opportunity to "test out" of the CSIS spreadsheet requirement during the Fall semester. If you wish to take the "test out" option, you will not be registered for this class in the fall. Please be sure to convey this information in the "Registration Interests Form" on the Be A Saint webpage. For a preview of the test, look at the Spreadsheet Examination. To register to take the exam go to Registration.

The additional one or two courses that you will take in the first semester will be taken from your choices listed on the Academic Interest Form

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