Commencement Procession

There will be no rehearsal of the Academic Procession. At 9 a.m., ALL GRADUATES and Faculty / Administrators will assemble in the following areas of the Times Union Center to vest in caps, gowns and hoods: 

School of Liberal Arts Graduates: Right of Ticket Office / Exhibition Hall 
School of Science Graduates:  Right of Ticket Office / Exhibition Hall
School of Business Graduates: Right of Ticket Office / Exhibition Hall
Alpha Kappa Alpha Graduates:  Ticket Office Lobby
Banner Carriers: Ticket Office Lobby
Senior Class Officers, Speaker, and Vocalist: Ticket Office Lobby
Faculty/ Administrators:  Left of Ticket Office / Exhibition Hall
Platform Party:  Siena Basketball Dressing Room
Presidential Party: Star Room


Procession Marshals and Ushers will be available to assist with proper positioning in the procession.  Any graduate requiring special procession and seating arrangements because of the use of a wheelchair, crutches, etc., should contact the Office of Academic Affairs in writing as soon as possible, by e-mail to Lynn Rogers.

The Academic Procession will commence promptly at 9:45 a.m. We will assume that prospective graduates not in the procession line by this deadline are absent and their names will not be read during the ceremonies. No prospective graduate will enter the Graduate Seating Area of the arena after the Procession, without clearance by the marshals and arena floor ushers, so to distract from the ceremony. No guests will be authorized to enter the graduate seating area or the floor of the arena at any time.