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April 21, 2014

Head-to-Head, Cuomo Leads Astorino by 30 Points; But By Only 15 Points In 3-Way Race with Liberal WFP Candidate
Most Voters Know Little About Moreland Commission; Overwhelmingly Side with Fed Prosecutor Over Governor That Moreland Should Have Continued
Schneiderman & DiNapoli Each Unknown to More Than Half of Voters; Only About One-Third Say they Are Prepared to Re-Elect Either One

April 17, 2014
Real Estate Sentiment Positive; Nearly Twice as Many NY’ers See Improvement as See Decline; Half Expect More Market Strength
Buyer Advantage Gone in Many Areas;  Sellers Expected to Profit

April 07, 2014

Nearly Half of NYC Voters Approve of the Job de Blasio is Doing as Mayor So Far; And Nearly Half View Him Favorably
Approve de Blasio’s Handling of Sick Leave, Pre-K, Snow Removal; More Disapprove his Addressing of Housing, Income Inequality, Jobs
Nearly Two-to-One Opposition of Banning Horse Drawn Carriages

April 07, 2014

The New York Times/NY1/Siena College Poll
Sports Fan Results

April 02, 2014

Long Hard Winter Takes Toll; Sentiment Down for 2nd Month in a Row
Willingness to Spend Off Sharply Among Women, Younger NY’ers, Upstaters & Dem’s
Gas & Food Worries Way Up; Plans to Buy Cars Fall while Home Improvements, Furniture & Electronics on the Rise
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