Interested in creating a writing center?

The Siena College Writing Center Ambassador Program is an innovative model of community engaged teaching and learning that aims to build sustained and transformative relationships with local schools and organizations. We grow satellite writing centers and offer specially tailored support for all your literacy needs.  Our services are backed by resources from the Siena's Writing Center and our Office of Academic Community Engagement (ACE).

Benefits of a writing center

Writing Centers exist on nearly every college and university campus and are growing in popularity in secondary schools and community organizations.  Why?  Trained tutors provide differentiated writing instruction and aid faculty as they strive to meet the unique and varied needs of diverse learning communities.  Writing centers are safe and inclusive spaces where high impact practices occur within an atmosphere of dialogue and respect.  They aim to nurture the growth of "better writers" who are able to adapt a toolbox of strategies to each rhetorical situation they encounter.

Helping you build your center

Trained ambassadors from the Siena College Writing Center, the Office of Academic Community Engagement, and the Education Department will build your center. Their goal--to create a writing center tailored to your unique organizational needs. Ambassadors provide free tutoring and tutor training, offer in-class and pedagogical support, and develop workshops designed to enhance writing across the curriculum. These students have either previously completed Siena’s “Peer Tutoring in Writing” course or are currently enrolled. The course focuses on topics including writing center theory, tutoring best practices, individual voice in writing, community engagement in literacy programs, diverse learners, educational inequity, and research methods.

Supporting core learning standards

Our ambassadors are trained to support your literacy standards and objectives. They will work with administration and faculty to identify learning goals and appropriate methods of instruction, and they will utilize language consistent with classroom instruction. Visiting writers can meet with ambassadors to work on rhetorical strategies and elements of the writing process, such as thesis statements, arguments, evidence, syntax, and mechanics.  Ambassadors may also support individual teachers with in-class instruction.

Learn more

If you are thinking about building a writing center, we urge you to contact us.  Our program administrator will be happy to meet with you at your convenience.  The Writing Center Ambassaors will ensure your writing center is up and running in no time.

Anne Godson-Glynn

Director of the Writing Center

Standish Library 09