Whether a professor has encouraged you to visit or you've decided to request an appointment on your own, scheduling a consultation with the Writing Center is easy. 


Seek Support: Get the Help You Need Now

Fall semester is a great time to seek support! Schedule a 60-minute in-person session in Standish Library 09 or an online session over Zoom. You can even upload a paper for asynchronous review. A tutor will get back to your within 48-72 hours with feedback. Schedule today and find out what the Writing Center is all about.

Scroll down to learn what to expect.  We also share a few suggestions for maximizing your time with us.


  • Schedule your appointment well before an assignment is due by visiting siena.mywconline.com. Be sure to click on a Writing Center schedule. 
  • In-person and remote online sessions are available.
  • In-person appointments take place in L09 on the library lower level. 
  • Online sessions are held using Zoom. Your tutor will send you a link prior to your appointment.
  • We also offer a limited asynchronous paper review service. If you choose this option, you'll upload your paper, and your tutor will respond via email, Google docs, or MS Word.
  • Plan to consult with your tutor, rewrite, and meet again. It often takes multiple appointments to fully revise your work.
  • Follow our instructions for sharing your assignment  guidelines and any writing that you've completed so far. You can upload documents by clicking on your appointment slot in the Siena.mywconline.com schedule.
  • Prepare to share prewriting and draft(s) but remember, it's okay if you haven't gotten that far.
  • Laptops are welcome during face-to-face appointments.
  • We'll help you prioritize big issues such as thesis, development, and organization. Later, we'll help you edit your grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • We'll assist you with proofreading, but we won't edit your paper for you.
  • If you have to cancel, please do so within two hours of your session's start time. Canceling is easy. Just click on your appointment slot in the appointment book and scroll down to the end of the form.
  • If you can't connect to your WC Online account,  email aglynn@siena.edu to cancel or reschedule an appointment.

Your Tutoring Session

  • Your meeting will open with a conversation. Your tutor will ask questions about your assignment, your goals, and your overall impression of your work.
  • Depending on where you are in the writing process, you might  have the opportunity to read your draft aloud, pausing to voice concerns and brainstorm solutions.
  • Expect to discuss topics like thesis statements, development, and organization. We are not a last-minute proofreading service, but if time permits, we will help you correct patterns of errors. 

Common Areas of Conversation

  • Brainstorming and Idea Development
  • Organization
  • Thesis, Purpose, Controlling Idea, or Theme
  • Evidence and Examples
  • Style, Format, and Mechanics
  • Primary and Secondary Sources
  • Integration and Analysis of Quotations
  • Citations and Footnotes
  • Bibliographies and Works Cited Lists
  • Oral and Digital Presentations
  • English Language Learning