Diversity: Siena is a community that commits to and values diversity including but not limited to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and expression, religion, faith, ability, age, veteran status, nationality, disability and economic status.  Siena seeks to celebrate the unique ideas, values, beliefs and experiences that individuals bring to our community.

Inclusion:  At Siena, we foster a positive, safe culture where all identities are accepted and affirmed.  We strive for an inclusive campus through the active, intentional and ongoing engagement with diversity - among people, curriculum, co-curriculum and beyond.[1]  Through this personal engagement with diversity, together we build and maintain a community that is just, peaceable and humane. 

Equity:  Siena is dedicated to providing equal access for educational and institutional opportunities among all community members and addressing issues of bias, discrimination, and exclusion where they exist.   In particular, this is done with an awareness and willingness to address equity issues for underrepresented populations within students, faculty, staff and administrators.  

Diversity Statement:

At Siena, diversity is an invitation to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual, as well as the cultural differences that enrich us all. Siena strives to ensure that individuals from all backgrounds and perspectives are served equitably. The diversity that students, staff and faculty bring to the College are viewed as a resource, strength and benefit to the College as a whole.

In a world that is multicultural and ever-changing, Siena fosters a campus climate that is respectful and inclusive of the many identities of our community members in terms of gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, race, culture, perspective, and other background characteristics. We commit to incorporate diversity and equity into our hiring practices, student and staff recruitment, curricular and co-curricular activities and daily functions at the College. 

Siena is committed to affirming and protecting the dignity and rights of each person and addressing issues of bias, discrimination and exclusion where they exist.  Grounded in our Franciscan and Catholic traditions, we celebrate and value the diversity and strive to promote an inclusive community that is welcoming and supporting of all.

[1] “Making Excellence Inclusive,” Association of American Colleges & Universities, http:.... Retrieved June 15, 2016.