The Committee is charged with assessing the College’s current status in relation to diversity and inclusion and making recommendations to assist the College in further cultivating an environment that is welcoming, supportive and respectful to all. PACDI provides guidance on college-wide efforts related to diversity as part of the College’s Strategic Plan. PACDI will be a vehicle to foster coordination among campus units that offer programming related to diversity and inclusion and encourage collaboration across divisions whenever possible.

2017-2018 Representatives
Vice President for Student Life Dr. Maryellen Gilroy (Co-Chair)
Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Margaret Madden (Co-Chair)
Franciscan Friar Fr. Mark Reamer
Faculty representatives-one from each of the three schools  
School of Business Dr. Arindam Mandal
School of Science Dr. Michele McColgan
School of Liberal Arts Dr. Lisa Nevarez
Dean of Students Jabrina Robinson
Admissions Kathryn Szalda
Title IX Coordinator/Equal Opportunity Specialist Lois Goland
Human Resources Sherrill Brown
Council of Administrators Marlowe Cochran
Damietta Center Christa Grant
Office of Accessibility/Veterans Services Rob Bahny
HEOP Staff Carol Sandoval
Diversity Action Committee Dr. Jesse Moya
Student Senate Melina Sfakianaki
Unity Council Student Emmanuel Rosario
At-Large Affinity Group Reagan Randazzo
International Student Paulo Morastoni
HEOP Student Dtahtiayanah Johnson
Student Athlete Rina Sakai