Siena College is the proud home of the men’s and women’s rugby teams. Our teams make up this competitive sports club that carries around a sense of pride in representing themselves and their school. The men’s team, originally founded in 1973, highlights their trademark mascot, the Pig, which dates back many years and continues to be a fixture of the team. The women’s team, originally founded in the late 1970's, uses a rose as their emblem and thrives in the Tri State Rugby Conference in the North Division II.

Rugby helps develop individual growth through engaging relationships and formative experiences across all aspects of campus life. The game has strengthened hundreds of our Saints physically, mentally, and socially.

The tradition of rugby at Siena is more than a club sport, it’s a family that lasts a lifetime.

Ron Bjorklund '85

Physical – Rugby is a fast-paced contact sport played for 80 minutes that requires individuals to use demanding offensive and defensive techniques.

Mental – The aspect of teamwork in rugby requires individuals to problem solve in various high-pressure situations, strengthening both decision-making and collaboration skills.

Social – A rewarding sport, rugby allows individuals to create a second family on and off campus amongst teammates and the Siena Rugby Alumni group, creating relationships that will last a lifetime.