Stands for "Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning."
This audit provides both you and your advisor with a complete academic history of courses you have taken, as well as any core, major, minor, certificate, and graduation requirements that have NOT been met.

How to read

It is important to obtain, and know how to read, the CAPP audit because you are responsible for knowing and fulfilling all your graduation requirements.

If you ignore the CAPP audit, you run the risk of coming up to what you think is your last semester, only to find you are missing a required course not being offered that semester. This is less likely to happen if you see your advisor every semester and go over the latest CAPP audit with them.

Your CAPP audit is the only authoritative listing of what you have taken and what part of the CORE each course satisfies.
If your CAPP audit does not reflect what you think it should see your advisor immediately.

For additional help on understanding your CAPP Audit, watch the video    Understanding your CAPP Audit
Click the link below for readable instructions. 


CAPP reports can be accessed through Banner Self-Service. 

Student Services
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Degree Evaluation (CAPP)
      Click on "Generate New Evaluation"
      Select your program
     "Generate New Evaluation"

Training is offered early each semester. 
You will be able to access your CAPP report at any time via Banner Self-Service. 
If you experience a problem, contact the Registrar's Office or your School Office.

You may also request "What if" CAPP reports ("What if I want to switch to an English Education major? What would my requirements be?")