The Bookstore has made an important change to our text department for students this upcoming Fall term. As part of our new Shop by Author program, course materials will now be arranged on shelves alphabetically by author instead of by course.

Now, when you want to purchase or rent your course materials you can pull up your shopping list on your mobile device. With your list in hand, you start at A and walk through the department one time, collecting your course materials based on authors’ last names. This new alphabetical arrangement will save you time and ultimately deliver a better shopping experience.

You may also purchase your textbooks through our website at You can either Shop by Student ID or Shop By Course.

Rob Calhoun

Store Manager, Siena Bookstore


The Student Academic Success and Engagement office is seeking motivated students to fulfill peer tutoring roles in several subjects; there are multiple positions available!

If your Saint is interested in becoming a SASE Peer Tutor on campus, please have them fill out this Tutor Application. (Returning tutors do not need to apply.)

Requirements to be a SASE Peer Tutor:

  • Must be in good Academic Standing
  • Must have earned a B or better in the course(s) which you wish to tutor
  • Must have completed the course here at Siena.
  • Must have Sophomore status

Preferred Academic Traits:

  • Subject knowledge
  • Program knowledge
  • Some familiarity with faculty and staff

Required Professional Skills:

  • Communication (email)
  • Schedule management
  • Organization


  • On average, expect to work 1-8 hours per week. Tutors will determine their own hours & schedule.
  • Regularly monitor appointments and emails.

If you are interested, have your Saint apply now! Any application received prior to August 1, 2021 will be given full consideration. Any applications received after this date may be delayed in the approval process.

Once an application has been reviewed, your Saint will be notified via email about the status of their application. 


The high tempo of summer facilities projects on campus will continue unabated for the remainder of the summer and will include the following maintenance and construction work that in some cases will have impacts on our campus and campus community:

  • The storm water system upgrade project occurring behind Siena Hall on the Quad will be finishing up in the next couple of weeks. There will be additional stormwater work done immediately adjacent to the east wing of Hines Hall starting in just a couple days.
  • Installation of a new emergency generator for Padua Hall and Ryan Hall is well underway and work behind and in front of Padua Hall will continue through the summer.
  • Painting of the front columns of Siena Hall and the campus flagpole will be starting within the next week and will take several days to complete.
  • Pavement milling and placement of new asphalt pavements will be occurring in several areas of campus starting next week. 
  • A new sidewalk around the Quad Ring of Honor will be installed over the next few weeks. A portion of the Lonnstrom Landing (plaza between SSU and Lonnstrom) will be refinished. 
  • New rooftop HVAC units will be installed on Padua Hall and the MAC later this summer.
  • Construction of the Bob Guido Athletic Academic Center (an addition constructed as a second floor on the ARC lobby) will start next month. 
  • Renovation and expansion of the Patricia Gioia Hall Welcome Center (McGuire Hall) will continue through the next two semesters. 

As always, we ask that everyone exercise caution while transiting campus in the areas where the above work is going on. Please comply with construction site signage and barriers. 


Printers, shelf-browsing, reference aid, and more! If you're visiting the Standish Library this summer, please be aware of the following hours and policies.

Monday-Thursday: 8:30 AM - 9 PM

Friday: 8:30 AM - 12 PM

Saturday-Sunday: Closed for the weekend

Summer building policies:

Swiping your Saint Card is no longer necessary for entry – but knock if you’re having trouble entering!

If you’d like to speak to a librarian without an appointment, please check in at the main desk.

Library guest policies are in line with Siena guest policies.


Greetings from the Office of Community Living! Meal plan change process is currently live in the student housing portal. Please have your Saint log in to the housing portal to check their current Fall 2021 meal plan and verify this is what they wish to have. If they have changed their meal plan previously, please review the Start Date and End Date of the dining plan. The plan with the End Date of 12/19/2021 is the active meal plan that has been chosen for fall 2021.

If they want to change their meal plan, please follow the instructions below.

Instructions to Change Meal Plans:

  1. Log into your Banner Self Service Account
  2. Click on Personal Information from the top menu bar
  3. Click on My Housing Portal from the list of options
  4. Once you enter your Housing Director Self-Service Area, click Dining from the top right corner.
  5. Make sure Fall 2021 is select, and then hit Submit
  6. A screen with your current meal plan will show up with a button labeled Change Dining Plan. Click that button.
  7. A list of available dining plans will appear, and you can select the plan that you want.

Note about Billing: Once the change has been made, the student account will be updated within 3-4 days. If after 4 days your Saint is still not noticing their account updated, please contact our office via email,

Deadline: The sooner they make meal plan changes the better! It will help avoid any issues upon their arrival on campus.

Commuter Students: If you’d like to add a meal plan to your student account, please email and include which meal plan you would like and we will assign that meal plan to your account!