Thinking of planning an event? When beginning to plan your campus event, there are a few important things to remember.

  1. Choose your contact: The easiest way to keep the details of an event organized is to have a single point person for your event. This way, all of the bits and pieces of the event are kept track of.
  2. Don’t be budget blind: It’s important to know your budget before you start event planning. Also, have the budget code you will be using for your event stored somewhere easily accessible, it will come in handy during the process!
  3. Schedule your space: Siena uses EMS to schedule all of the Campus’ spaces. Before you start planning all the elements of your event, it’s important to make sure your desired space is free. Through this software, you also can book any additional items you may need in the space for your event (microphones, podiums, etc.). Click here to book your event.
  4. Keep in mind your event’s audience when booking a space. If your event is open to the general public, booking a location large enough to hold your anticipated audience is key. 
  5. Call in the Catering: Siena College contracts with AVI – Siena Fresh to provide all dining services on campus, including catering. Using one vendor for all dining services provides quality, convenience and value to students, faculty, staff and visitors to our campus. To order catering for your event click here or contact Rachel Jones, Director of Operations for Siena Fresh at
  6. Assess your Audience: Is your event open to the general public, or is it limited to only the Siena community? If it is a public event, make sure to let the Marketing and Communications Office know the details. They can help spread the word, whether it be through social media, Siena’s Master Calendar (see following bullet), media outlets or other advertising.
  7. Mark the Master Calendar: When you are scheduling your event in EMS, make sure you answer the question- ‘Would you like your event published on the College’s Master Calendar?” This will push your event name, date, time and description to the Siena College Master Calendar- the College’s official calendar. Make sure your time and description are accurate, as this is where the public will get their information from. The better your description, the more enticing your event will be to the public.