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Where do you want to get your internship experience?

Siena has connections in companies of all shapes and sizes, ranging from Albany, to NYC, to London, for students in all three schools. These are just a few to look into.

The Internship Process

Internships at Siena College come in two classifications: For credit and not for credit and may be paid or unpaid. There are various requirements for credit bearing internships, including, but not limited to:

  • 40 hours of field work per credit
  • Regular meetings and feedback with supervisor
  • Final paper/reflection

Everything you need to know about the internship process including step by step instructions, on campus and off campus resources, and policies can be found in the student internship manual.

Any questions, email to set up an appointment, or book an appointment on CareerSaint with Alicia Pepe.

In just over a year I went from being a new intern to an associate editor, writer,photographer and most importantly, someone who is prepared for beginning a career after graduation.

Alicia Bryan '17