Campus Resources

Do you need to talk to someone about your drug or alcohol use?  Free, confidential counseling is available at the Counseling Center

In an emergency situation, contact Public Safety by dialing (518) 783-2999

Campus Programming

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Course – Siena College requires new and transfer students to take the EverFi Alcohol Edu Course.  This course is a nationally recognized on-line alcohol, marijuana, and sexual violence education program surveying students before, during and after the course. The goal of the alcohol course is to increase students' knowledge, decrease harmful behaviors, and provide information to help students make healthier decisions related to alcohol and marijuana.
  • Residential Hall Programming – Each residential hall provides programming related to alcohol and drug use at least once per year.  The programming emphasizes discussions around misperceptions regarding Siena social norms for drinking and drug use and provides information on making safe and healthy decisions around drinking. 
  • Social Norms Campaign - Siena College is doing research on student behavior and attitudes around alcohol. As a part of the social norms model, Siena is reporting these survey results back to students to show students an accurate picture of alcohol consumption on Siena’s campus. Students are often stunned to find how often they overestimate (misperceived) the frequency and quantity of drinking done by their fellow students. Survey results communicate what the majority of students actually think and do concerning alcohol consumption (or other behaviors). This reduces the gap between the misperceived norm and the actual norm regarding alcohol use. Reducing this misperception gap can reduce high risk drinking and its negative consequences.
  • Be Smart. Be Safe Campaign – Siena is committed to providing a safe and healthy living and learning environment on campus.  The Be Smart, Be Safe Campaign provides information and tips to assist students in making decisions which promote healthy choices, self-respect and personal responsibility.
  • 21st Birthday E-card – Students turning 21 years of age receive an e-card from Siena College’s Division of Student Life to remind them of self-protective strategies, drinking alternative celebration ideas and safe drinking tips.